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Working Wednesday Vol IV: Dispatch, Bind Benefits, Sansoro Health, Arctic Wolf Hiring And Minnesota Jobs Report

MSP On Deck Podcast #21: Dispatch, ZAPinfo And ClickSwitch Funding, Minneapolis Coworking Space Closes And Tech Hiring In Minneapolis And St Paul

MSP On Deck Podcast

We’re back after a small hiatus that had work and vacations making it difficult for Kathy, Casey and I to get together. There was a bunch of news during that time and we focused on these items:

Dispatch raised $2.6M… more than they were seeking. Investors include Rise of the Rest and Great North Labs. I talk about my customer experience with them. Casey makes a bold statement (that I can get behind) that Dispatch could be the GroupOn of Minneapolis and St Paul. I mention that they are looking for 2 Senior Ruby Developers.

ZAPinfo, what was called WebClipDrop, raised $1.25M and named Doug Berg CEO. I talk about how I am a user of the tool and a big fan of Doug. He spoke at my first Minnesota Recruiters event and was a frequent sponsor. He (and his team) are highly respected in the Recruiter and HR community in Minneapolis and around the country.

ClickSwitch is new to me and I didn’t know this product was a big thing. I don’t change banks… once in 20 years. I was excited after hearing Kathy and Casey talk about why this matters. They too are looking for a Lead Dev.

Bind Benefits raised another round and we spend some time talking about what they do. I note their career page has wayyyyyy more roles than a few months ago.

Kathy asks an important question… are things getting “frothy”? I say no because while the number of deals is getting larger the numbers raised by groups seems to be reasonable. Casey talks about other regions, explains that funds being raised by VC’s is very large and how execution may matter more than an idea. And that a number of recent announcements are coming from founders who have a track record of success. So it may seem “easy” to raise money when it is not.

Casey and Kathy bring ClickSwitch back into the conversation and talk about what it was like for them to raise this round of funding.

We move on to the news of a coworking space closing. Assemble in Downtown Minneapolis has closed their doors. We talk about Casey having a spreadsheet of Minnesota and Minneapolis/St Paul coworking spaces and a “dead pool” list.

Just before doing the podcast Casey and I took a tour of Spaces in the North Loop… you’ll hear my voice, I freaking love that space. A few photos:

Spaces Minneapolis Spaces Minneapolis Spaces Minneapolis 

I have been a long time Fueled Collective (formerly CoCo) and will continue to be. I’m not going anywhere and gladly give a tour of Fueled Collective in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange anytime someone wants to.

If you are looking for a coworking or event space and the North Loop area appeals to you for sure check them out.

Casey talks about why coworking matters to the tech ecosystem.

We shift to a conversation (again) about corporate recruiter demand and what means for the employment market in general and focus a bit on Minneapolis and St Paul tech jobs. I did put some data points together and mention them. Yes, hiring continues to increase (at least most groups are trying to), salaries remain relatively flat and no, I have not seen any weird perks (like cat insurance).

There it is.

We’re back into a regular rotation of podcast recordings so you will see these posts more often.

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