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Minnesota Golden Gopher Football 2018 Outlook

Minnesota Golden Gopher Football

2 weeks from today we’ll already be a couple of days into the college football season and the Gopher Football team will have played its first game at TCF Bank Stadium against New Mexico State. For a few weeks I have had friends asking me what I think the season is going to be like… and I don’t have a clue.

In part that is because my brain is still focused on summer, fishing and relaxing. I am in denial about fall coming. I do love fall. Just … not … yet.

I have been casually reading articles, predictions and logging on to the Gophers Rivals site (I have been a long time subscriber) but not digging into a 2 deep roster or who is the leading contender to be the starting QB.

Until this morning.

I was doing some reading about the upcoming season and got quite a bit more interested.

Let me take a pause and go back a bit… then some quick observations, my 2018 prediction and where to find Gopher Football info online.

I grew up a Gopher Football fan. In 1982 (I was 12) my dad picked up 2 season tickets when the Gophers moved to the Metrodome. I attended the university during which time Dad transferred his tickets to me and I have had them since.

35 seasons and I have missed 14 home games. I’m in. I’m committed.

In 2005 I started a blog, “Go for the Roses at I did a lot of writing back then and as things sometimes go… started running out of time to spend on it. I shut down the site. I still own the domain name. And I copied the 2005-2007 and posted here on a sub page . So if you want to go back in time and see what I was thinking about when Coach Glen Mason was fired, Coach Brewster was hired and the 2007 season you can.

I picked up @Gophers the spring of 2008. This was after the 2007 1-11 season and during the last game of the season, Wisconsin Badgers, when I Tweeted a bunch of “f bombs” on my @MNHeadhunter account. The next days I had a number of my national Recruiter and HR friends suggest that maybe I shouldn’t be doing that

Over the past few years I have on and off again written here on my main page… click . This covers some of the Coach Kill time.

Starting today I am going to write 1-2 times per week during the season. Likely Thu/Fri and again Sun/Mon.

Let me be clear… I am writing about Gopher Football, and college football in general, from a fan perspective. I am not an analyst. I am fully knowledgeable about the game but don’t see the fun writing about a 4-3 Defense, RPO offense, etc.

So what do I think about 2018?

The short version is I think it will be better than last year.

While one of the youngest teams in the country we surely look more athletic and have a deeper roster than years past. Maturing is the word Coach Fleck has been using.

We have a few players who have made national “watch lists”:

There is great interest in who will be the starting Quarterback between Tanner Morgan (Redshirt Freshman) and Zack Annexstad (Freshman). Young? Sure. Going to make a few mistakes? Yep. Do I like how smart and athletic they appear to be? Absolutely. And from what I hear they are great leaders on and off the field.

It sounds like the Wide Receiver corp looks vastly improved. And healthy.

The new NCAA Redshirt Rule, where a player can play in up to 4 games at anytime during the season without it costing him a year of eligibility, will surely help us.

My prediction…

Let me start with we are still undefeated and can go the Rose Bowl.

With a 2nd year of Coach Fleck, more favorable schedule and more athletic team… no way we go backwards.

7-5 is what I am going with.

I think it all depends on the QB situation. That’s an easy and obvious thing to say.

Gopher Football online:

The athletic department social media team has been very active during the offseason telling the story of Gopher football. This recent video… so good:

You can follow official Gopher Football updates on social media by clicking:

Next time I’ll include some web and newspaper articles, others predictions, a recruiting update and a list of sites and writers you may also want to follow.

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Looking forward to more posts during the season. I agree with your assessment of the maroon and gold gridiron warriors this year.


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