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Working Wednesday Vol I: Minneapolis And St Paul Tech And Digital Jobs With Daugherty Business Solutions, Structural And Clockwork

Minnesota Tech Jobs

10 years ago as the “Great Recession” was having a significant impact on the Minneapolis, St Paul and Minnesota jobs scene I and others were regularly Tweeting out companies who were hiring and those who were looking for work. As it is appearing we are close to some form of “full employment” a number of companies I know of are recruiting and I have been thinking of different ways to get this out to others in an easy way.

I have been doing this for years with and . But those are just postings… there is also news to share, jobs outside of tech and recruiting and companies that are hiring across multiple skill sets.

So my idea is to do a weekly blog post and do a better job at sharing what I know.

If you have any ideas on how to format this better I gladly take them.

If you are hiring and want others to know about it send me an email and include links, background info, etc.

Volume I… here goes:


Currently most of my time is with Daugherty Business Solutions with a BIG recruiting focus on Project Managers, Scrum Masters and Sr Developers with a Java emphasis. Click Daugherty Business Solutions Minneapolis for all the roles we are recruiting for. If you see something you are interested in send me a note and I gladly give you a bunch of info. And if you are or know of a PM or Scrum Master… seriously, send me a note. I’m working a lot of hours and it is impacting my fishing time Smile

Daugherty has been creating some videos to better tell our story… here is one of the new ones:

Daugherty Profile Series - Raabia Siddiqui from Daugherty Business Solutions on Vimeo.

Groups I have worked with:

phData continues to grow the team… if you want to work with super smart people and are in the Big Data space for sure you want to introduce yourself to them

Livefront is one of the best dev shops in town and they are always looking to have conversations with iOS an Android Dev’s and Product Designers

HomeSpotter… I don’t know if I would still call them a startup as they have been a mature tech group for a long time. Anyway they are adding Engineers

What I am seeing online:

Structural’s new CTO Ron Lancaster has an interview on their blog about why he chose to go there. Click Ron Lancaster interview and Back-End Software Engineer. I am a big fan of Ron, Scott Burns and the Structural team

Clockwork is looking for a Senior Digital Strategist. This is a sweet role and a great group. If I were qualified this one would have my interest

Field Nation is looking for number of people including a VP of Marketing, Director of Product Management and Director of UX and Product Design. Oh… and a Recruitment & Sales Intern

Minneapolis and St Paul Jobs News:

State of Minnesota June 2018 job report was very strong with 6,600 jobs added. Not as many as May but my memory tells me these are the 2 biggest months in a long time => Minnesota gains 6,600 jobs in June, unemployment stays at 3.1 percent (MSP Business Journal)

From a couple of weeks ago… Top Golf is opening a HUGE facility in Brooklyn Center and his hiring 500 people => Tricked-out golf driving range Topgolf wants to hire 500 before fall opening in Twin Cities (Minneapolis StarTribune)

I’m not letting summer go but the Minnesota State Fair is around the corner and they held a job fair last week => Minnesota State Fair Holds Job Fair (KSTP TV) and Minnesota State Fair Jobs

There it is, Volume I of Working Wednesday. If you have a job(s) you would like to have added, have multiple openings, an open house for recruiting… you get the idea, send me an email. I’d like to just copy and paste if possible.

Click for current blog posts and for searches I am working on.

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