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Millennials And Generation X Are Seeking Different Tech Jobs And Skills

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This should not be a shock… Millennials and Gen X’ers are looking for different kinds of tech jobs and skills to do it. Surely being in different places of their career, interests, free time, families and finances play a part in it. What is interesting to me is seeing some data about it. Some apples to apples to comparison.

A couple of months ago Indeed had Older and Younger Workers Seek Different Tech Jobs and as usual I am attracted to some data, finding trends, testing if what I think is true or is not.

Job posts by age:

Job seekers ages 21 - 39                               Job seekers ages 40 - 64

Java Developer                                               Vice President of Information Technology

Machine Learning Engineer                         Director of Information Technology

Data Scientist                                                 Chief Engineer

Javascript Developer                                     Director of Security

Front End Developer                                     Director of Product Management

Android Developer                                        Director of Quality Assurance

Computer Vision Engineer                           IT Manager

Python Developer                                         IT Project Manager

Web Developer                                             Lead Architect

FPGA Engineer                                               IT Architect

Skills in job posts by age

Job seekers ages 21 – 39                            Job seekers ages 40 - 64

Machine Learning                                        Coaching

Node.js                                                           VMware

Git                                                                   Budgeting

Angular JS                                                      Project Management

CSS                                                                  Technical Support

C or C++                                                         Microsoft IIS

Jenkins                                                           DHCP

Object Oriented Programming                  SAP

Rest                                                                Employee Orientation

Apache Spark                                               PowerShell

I’m not surprised that younger tech workers are generally interested in coding jobs while older workers in senior and management roles.

I have noticed the past few months a number of Gen X senior leaders posting about picking up, what is to them, new coding skills. I hope this trend continues as there are seemingly fewer senior roles… managers and directors have larger teams making for fewer leadership roles. And I think about Gen X technologists staying relevant in the tech scene both for them to continue their career and to grow the numbers in the community.

It will also be interesting to see if the Millenials go towards Manager, Director and CxO roles or wanting to continue to be coders and makers.

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