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MSP On Deck Podcast #18: Minneapolis Tech Events, Minnesota Funding News And Amazon Growing Minneapolis Office

MSP On Deck Startup and Tech Podcast

After a 2 month or so hiatus because of vacations (not mine), work schedules (sort of mine) and a freak spring blizzard during Minnebar… it was good to see Kathy, Casey and the mic’s again.

Which as we start the podcast we note that maybe we had accidentally been using Kathy’s internal mic, as we our podcast tech amateurs, but it turns out not to be the case. We had (and will have) 3 mic’s but could not get the adapter to work. We’re still working on the low volume of the recording.

Here is a photo of Kathy and Casey working on it and I love Kathy’s expression on this one:

MSP On Deck Startup and Tech Podcast

Anyway… to what we spoke about:

I gave an overview of Spring 2018 tech events including Tech Cities 2018, Minnebar and Enterprise Rising including LinkedIn data showing we had more tech pros migrate to Minneapolis and St Paul than away, the huge turnout for Minnebar and topics covered at Enterprise Rising.

We then had Casey dig deeper into his event as he had a mix local, regional and national investors, entrepreneurs and startup co founders. Casey also spoke about Cack Wilhelm and her presentation on how to invest a small amount of dollars not necessarily waiting until you are an accredited investor. I then brought up how Thompson Aderinkomi was running his previous startup on around $250 a month in tech overhead.

All of this was a reminder for me that our tech and business community puts on top notch events.

We shift to acquisition and fundraising news of the past couple of months from ABILITY Network, Revel Health, Learn To Live, Connexio, phData and Sezzle

We mention I fanboy about Dispatch and their platform. They’re growing in other cities and are hiring.

Rally Ventures and Arthur Ventures announce new funds.

I ask about what is the latest round in the alphabet Casey and Kathy can remember.

I go back to Minnebar and mention the presentation Mark Gritter, co founder of Tintri mostly located in the Bay Area, gave about how to go from startup to IPO. It was cool to listen his story about the process of all of this.

And how grateful I am and fortunate I think ur area is to have tech CEO’s and co founders who are willing to tell their story. The whole story. Not just the awesome exit they had because there is always A LOT of “stuff” over many months and years that is not the so fun part of being an entrepreneur.

Kathy mentions that she had been at the Amazon Minneapolis announcement that they were growing the team in the North Loop. Amazon had made similar announcements in Vancouver and Boston. I of course bring up HQ2 and send us on a few tangents relating to this.

Finally some quick speculation on the anonymous Twitter accounts @StartupMJackson and  @aarpangelsmn.

Mentions for @IndignantMN and @LakeSuperior

And before the dares (Casey about reading books and Kathy about answering random calls) my request of podcasts that are business related in Minneapolis and St Paul similar to Kurt Schmidt, co founder of Foundry, and his The Schmidt List.

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