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MSP On Deck Podcast #16: Jenna Pederson Founder Of 612 Software Foundry, Mary Grove And Rise Of The Rest, Upsie Funding And Minnesota TechStars Connections


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This episode we have a special guest… Jenna Pederson. You may have seen Jenna at Minnedemo (she’s a member of the Minnestar board), a Twin Cities Geekettes event (she helped start it), Hack the Gap (co founder), CoCo (long time member) or as the founder of 612 Software Foundry. She is a frequent speaker and strong supporter of the MN tech scene. By day Jenna is full stack developer and consultant and as worked with a number of groups including Pivot Interactives, Kidizen, and Kinetic Data.

You can find her by clicking:

Jenna Pederson | 612 Software Foundry | Twitter | LinkedIn

Casey Allen, Jenna Pederson, Kathy Grayson, Paul DeBettignies

We start with some really good news… Mary Grove who many in our area know through her work with Google for Entrepreneurs and Silicon North Stars is joining Revolution and Rise of the Rest and moving (back) to Minneapolis. This was started by Steve Case a few years ago to support and invest in companies not on the coasts including an ongoing tour that was in Minneapolis in 2014.

I think we said stoked 3 times.

We move on to the Upsie round of funding… what they do and who they are. Here is the link to Clarence’s interview on MPR Tech firm's success may open doors for Twin Cities black entrepreneurs

And 2 Minnesota companies have been accepted into TechStars programs outside of Minnesota. Player's Health is now in Boulder and SparkDJ in Los Angeles.

Of course I ask if they will find their way back to Minneapolis one day. Casey has a good perspective on this.

We then chat with Jenna and learn more about:

  • What she does and helps her clients succeed
  • Her thoughts on diversity and inclusion, the importance of it and what actions can be taken
  • How she sees the economy and business
  • Her history in tech and how she got started
  • Minnestar (Minnedemo & Minnebar)

I took us on a tangent, sort of… Casey has Enterprise Rising coming up (April 18-19) and he has partnered with Make It MSP to comp tickets for any founder who is female, of color, LGBT, etc to help change the demographics of a typical room of tech entrepreneurs.

We finish up by talking more about how individuals and companies can get started and do more to broaden the reach of the Minnesota tech scene.

To connect with Kathy, Casey and MSP On Deck:

Kathy Grayson

Casey Allen:

MSP On Deck

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Here we go…

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