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MSP On Deck Podcast #15: Loup Ventures 1st Fund, Amazon HQ2 Top 20 Rant, CoCo Pitch Night And Fueled Collective And Non Minnesota VC’s Investing In MN Tech And Startups


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We have an awkward beginning to this episode of MSP On Deck. Specifically… Casey and I, mostly me, could not get it together and focus. Kathy says, “OK, 3 seconds” and we’re supposed to be quiet so Casey can add the intro music before he publishes an episode. Except Casey and I, mostly me, could not accomplish this task.

I thought it was hilarious.

I was the only one to think so.

We start this episode talking about Loup Venture closing their first fund. What it means locally and nationally and what being a researched focused VC firm means.

A transition to Amazon HQ2 Top 20 and that Minneapolis/St Paul is not on the list. Which… is something I was hoping we would be on. I didn’t think we would be the home of HQ2 but I did say months ago and still do today that for perception sake we needed to be a “finalist”. As I mention on the podcast I really would like to see what the “restrained” bid looked like. We talk a bit about other finalists and cities in the Midwest. Thanks (again) to Kathy and Casey for tolerating… letting me ramble a bit.

I talk about CoCo Pitch Night and then we roll into the CoCo announcement that they are rebranding as Fueled Collective and franchising the concept.

SportsDigita raises a round of funding, will be hiring and announces a new product.

We talk a bit about tools to create presentations and sales decks.

After some friendly banter between Kathy and Casey… Casey lists non Minnesota VC’s with a history of investing here.

Kathy has a few non VC’s who have invested in Minnesota tech… for sure tech trivia material.

And we end on our dares.

Below you can listen to the podcast.

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Here we go…

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