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Minnesota Morning: That Time When A Fresh Blanket Of Snow Gives Perspective

Minnesota Snow, Lake Minnetonka 

Over the past weeks I have been having a lot of conversations with myself… what I jokingly call a company meeting of me, myself and I. For 20+ years I have been a solopreneur and while blessed with very smart friends who have my back I can’t always call them when I have something on my mind.

Sometimes I need to figure it out on my own. This is one of those times.

The photo above is after a recent decent sized snow storm left a fresh blanket of snow on the lake. At first I had this feeling of dread… that spring was pushed off a little further down the road. Then I reminded myself that without the snow (and spring rain) we have lower lake levels. That this blanket of snow was a good thing.

The next “feeling” I had was that this was like a clean slate… a fresh white board if even for a few hours or day until the snowmobilers would go out and create new tracks.

And that… the fresh start and laying down new tracks struck me hard.

The past months, maybe a year, I have felt unsettled with my work. Mostly that I am seeing there are “holes” to fill and I’m not sure how to fill them, if I have time to fill them or if I can fill them.


  • The past few months I have been spending a day a week at Prime Digital Academy preparing the students on their upcoming job search. Prime does a fantastic job prepping the cohorts on networking, LinkedIn, job search, negotiating an offer, etc. But what about all the other junior developers out there… what about them? And how to educate companies on how to best on board them.
  • The “restrained” Amazon bid still has me ornery. How do we do a better job promoting our region?
  • Training of corporate and search firm recruiters… and elevating the conversation needed at the CxO level about what the trends are. How do I best move forward with Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp?

Those are the big ones.

You might laugh, there are more.

The last one and why this blog post is that I need to get some of this out of my head. Think out loud. In this case write it out, post it and see what others (you) think. It’s why I started Minnesota Headhunter in 2005… I had things in my head I wanted to get out. And those things either created conversations or didn’t.

Either way I got them out.

And a simpler one… do I step back from all things not recruiting (client work)?

I think why I have not been writing about thoughts and ideas is that I think I am supposed to be posting content that is good for you. Listing jobs, posting about events, job search advice and talking about regional hiring trends. I have been thinking I should be acting like a “thought leader” versus sharing (not well organized) thoughts that I have. Be they smart ones or not.

I think I need to start doing more of what I want… the way I want.

It may be time to lay down some new tracks.

If you have advice I gladly take it => paul@mnheadhunter.com

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