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The past months I have been talking with a number of Midwest startup CEO’s, CTO’s and non tech Co Founder’s about recruiting and what to expect in 2018.

The main point I left with all of them is that they as individuals need to spend more of their work and personal time on it. My experience is that Bay Area CEO’s will spend up to a third of their time recruiting. And in the Midwest… CEO’s generally spend much less time than that.

And yet, everyone knows that recruiting is very competitive and time consuming.

While I was having these conversations State of Startups 2017 was released by First Round Capital. In their third year of the survey it’s a great look into the operations of these groups. This year 869 startup founders took their survey.

I should note that 56.9% of the respondents were from the West Coast, 29.7% from the East Coast, 7.2% from the South and 6.1% from the Midwest. I say that because location of the respondents matter as each ecosystem and region is very unique. Generally I think it’s a good data set from which to refer to and have conversations about.

Before getting to the recruiting conversation you should know that there is a lot of information in the survey including data on sexual harassment, competition, mistakes made, raising money and more.

And I have the slide deck below.

A couple of slides to start with:

Tme Spent On Startup Hiring Concerned About Startup hiring

Startup Founder’s are saying that they are concerned about hiring good people but not spending much time on the recruiting of them. I get they have a lot going on… I truly do. I understand that many of them are relying on a HR Generalist or Tech Recruiter to do the work. But, they are usually the most visible and well known person in the company. They are the ones getting quoted, giving presentations and speaking at events. Many times they are the ones who have been in the technology, marketing and operations business for some time.

They have a “rolodex” and should be using it.

Next group of slides:

How Easy Or Hard Is It To Recruit Is Your Recruiting On Track

How Many Are You Hiring Most Difficult Executive Role To Hire

Layoffs And Churn In Tech Jobs

The 2017 numbers for the slides above are very similar to the 2015 and 2016 numbers with a couple of notes:

  • This year Sales passes Engineering as the hardest executive role to fill. I am not surprised by this. It’s generally less difficult to find a CTO than a proven VP Sales. And if a replacement is needed it tends to be easier to find a new tech leader than a sales leader.
  • 16% have had to layoff staff. That’s not news to me. It does give me some data to back up my prediction for Minneapolis/St Paul and the Midwest that we will see churn in 2018. And that tech professionals everyone needs to be maintaining their career path, networking, resume, etc. including those outside of the startup world.

If you are a CEO, CTO, Co Founder or in some way responsible for hiring… let’s chat and you do not need to be in Minneapolis/St Paul or the Midwest. I like nerding out about sourcing, recruiting, hiring, employer branding, recruiting strategies and processes, etc. so send me an email

Here is the full deck:

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