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MSP On Deck Podcast #13: Maria Ploessl, Executive Director Of MinneStar, TechStars Farm To Fork And Minnesota Tech Hiring

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Here we are with MSP On Deck Podcast #13 and with this… I am caught up. That’s right, this is our latest podcast and going forward I will posting them here as soon as they are available.

This episode we are chatting with Maria Ploessl, Executive Director of Minnestar. Maria starts with what Minnestar does including Minnedemo and Minnebar. Over the years Minnestar has hosted 50 some events and had 22,000+ attendees and been run by a volunteer board. Maria is the first person in this role.

Before saying more here is where to find info:

Maria talks about our region… what is going well and what our challenges are. I have known Maria for a couple of years and I very much appreciate her views on building community, embracing and doing change, growing the tech ecosystem and inclusion.

Minnestar is a non profit and there are opportunities for individuals and companies to support it. I have been both a “Community Sponsor” as an individual and a as “Megabyte Sponsor” as a company. Interested… click
Minnestar Sponsor

MSP On Deck, Maria Ploessl, Kathy Grayson, Casey Allen, Paul DeBettignies, Minnesota Tech Podcast, Minnesota Startup Podcast

We then talk about topics including:

Below you can listen to the podcast.

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