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Minnesota Morning: Happy New Year And Winter 2018 Minnesota Tech And Startup Events

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day

My favorite New Year’s Day quote:

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.” - Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I don’t get nostalgic about the end of the year and I don’t do resolutions. I do like the idea of new beginnings and the optimism a new year brings. It feels fresh.

2017 for me was a full year personally and professionally with a lot of good change and some big steps taken. I kind of would like to have a “normal” year with not so much new stuff going on. If I were a house… a foundation has been poured, the walls are up, the roof is on and it’s time to pay attention to the finishing of things. I want to do that before thinking about an addition, deck or new project. That’s how I am feeling.

As for resolutions… I’ve never been about them. I stop every 3 months and think about where things are and how I am doing and making changes and corrections then. My birthday is halfway through the year so that helps in me being reflective.

I do come up with a phrase or theme for the year. A few words at most that keeps me thinking. In the past they have included:

  • Do It Now
  • Trust Your Gut
  • Full Sails
  • Its Time
  • Blame no one. Expect nothing. Do something.

This year I am going with:

  • Forward… like an avalanche

Professionally that means going all in on sourcing and recruiting using the tools and strategies I have recently created, expanding the scope of Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp and being a louder evangelist and advocate for the Minneapolis and St Paul tech and startup scene.

As we start 2018 I hope you are feeling optimistic about what this year may bring.

Winter 2018 Minnesota Tech And Startup Events

You may need to warm up your calendar and be reminded of upcoming events and/or missed recent announcements. Off the top of my head here is a list… if I missed something let me know and I will add it:

Random things…

While I may not be all about Auld Lang Syne I did (of course) get a photo of the last sunset of 2017:

Minnesota Sunset, Lake Minnetonka

College football season is winding down with the College Football Playoff Championship next Monday between Georgia and Alabama. An all SEC game. The Big Ten was 7-0 going into the Outback Bowl with Michigan against South Carolina. The Big Ten ended up 7-1. I wasn’t as excited as most years for bowl season… I think I need to go to the doctor. I did spend a few hours New Year’s Day multitasking:

College Football, Bowl Season, LinkedIn, Minnesota IT Jobs Report 

And a few Minnesota tech and startup articles from the past week or so:

Minnesota Headhunter for current blog posts and Minneapolis IT Jobs for searches I am working on.


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