Minnesota Morning: CoCo Pitch Night, Prime Digital Academy Graduates And Super Bowl “Help Wanted”
MSP On Deck Podcast #15: Loup Ventures 1st Fund, Amazon HQ2 Top 20 Rant, CoCo Pitch Night And Fueled Collective And Non Minnesota VC’s Investing In MN Tech And Startups

Minnesota Morning: CoCo Launches Fueled Collective, MinneDemo #28 Presenters And Minnesota IT Jobs


Prime Digital Academy, UX Bootcamp Graduates, phData, Sarah Schoolcraft, Mickeli Bedore, Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter A fun day last Friday… working at CoCo Downtown Minneapolis sourcing and recruiting DevOps Engineers and Python Developers. At one point I bumped into Mickeli Bedore of Bedore Business Group and had a chat about building sales teams, recruiting, podcasts and of course a mention or three about #LakeLife. I do wonder… which one of us logs more cell phone minutes?

I then saw Sarah Schoolcraft who is the new Employee Experience Advocate at phData. We caught up bit and I look forward to our future conversation about company cultures, hiring teams, onboarding and more.

I ended the day upstairs from CoCo where Prime Digital Academy is. It was graduation day for the UX cohort and it was fun to see them relaxed (for a moment) and meet their friends and families, If you are hiring a junior UX pro I gladly help you with introductions.

The coming weeks I am going to be in Downtown Minneapolis 2-3 days a week. If you want to get together for lunch, coffee or a quick chat… send me a note.

CoCo Launches Fueled Collective

Speaking of CoCo… that name is soon to go away as they had a major announcement last week that they are changing their name to Fueled Collective. They are combining coworking with a social aspect and will be franchising the concept.

This from part of an email to CoCo members:

So, what’s Fueled Collective like?
There’s nothing quite like it. By day it’s a workspace – beautifully furnished and with an amazing ambiance. And it's also a social club! The Cincinnati space features a full-service bar that is open to members starting at 5 p.m. every day, providing the ultimate haven for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The space is also set up to offer private dining and events for groups.

The email goes on to say that for current CoCo members nothing changes but the name.

I like the idea.

You can see more about the announcement from CoCo:

And a few stories too:

Minnedemo #28 Presenters

Minnedemo #28 is next week, February 8th at the Guthrie Theater from 6 - 9 PM. The first batch of tickets were released last week and as usual went very fast. The last release is Feb 1st at 7 pm. Follow @minnestar and #Minnedemo for more info and to follow the online conversations

The groups presenting are:

  • Flyover Country: Mobile app helping you discover the Earth from 30,000 feet up

  • Kwikly: Kwikly is shifting the dental temping industry with its connective technology platform

  • Rental Researcher: Leveraging Minneapolis Open Data to help renters in their housing search as well as give visibility to a landlord’s properties and incident history

  • SafeSpace: Crowd sourcing safety with the SafeSpace app

  • SportsEngine: SportsEngine.com is a youth sports marketplace that makes it easier than ever to get kids into sports

  • Thrivors: Empowering cancer survivors to live longer, healthier lives

  • UR Turn: The Google maps of education road mapping and progress tracking for middle school and high school students (and their families)

A reminder that MinneBar will be Saturday, April 14th at Best Buy HQ’s.

Minnesota IT Jobs

If you missed it I posted 8 new Minnesota IT Jobs yesterday from friends in Minneapolis/St Paul who are hiring. I’ve had a number of conversations with IT pros who have been receiving wayyyy more than usual email and InMail from corporate and search firm recruiters to “woo” them to a new opportunity. This is consistent with the 2018 prediction I made on the podcast in December about how hiring in IT, Data, Product and Digital would increase in 2018:

MSP On Deck Podcast #12: A Review Of 2017 And Predictions For 2018

If you want to chat about job search, networking or career path or are a company that needs some help with any of the following: sourcing/recruiting/hiring, recruiting process/strategy or evangelism/advocacy in the MSP tech scene send me a note.

Minnesota Headhunter for current blog posts and Minneapolis IT Jobs for searches I am working on.


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