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MSP On Deck Podcast #12: A Review Of 2017 And Predictions For 2018

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In the next to last episode of 2017 (recorded December 6th) we do a wrap up of 2017 and make some predictions for 2018. Why an episode early you may be asking… #12 we have a guest joining us, Maria Ploessl the new Executive Director of MinneStar.

We start with Kathy Grayson, Senior Reporter at Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal (click LinkedIn | @mspbjGrayson) going through the most read 2017 online tech and startup stories at the MSP Business Journal. Casey Allen (click EnterpriseRising | LinkedIn | @casey__allen) jumps in and we start to go through them a bit including Bright Health, Foodsby and my thought that it seemed like Minneapolis and St Paul had a good year with companies and funding.

We then do predictions… Casey has a number of Minnesota tech and startup groups who could be in line for an IPO or acquisition and how to find signs it may happen. I talk about what I think is going to happen with Minnesota IT Job creation and loss and give a few data points. Kathy predicts a mostly unknown or unexpected company will raise a large round of funding.

Some news items: WeWork announcing their new location in Uptown and why our podcast seems to always be talking about coworking spaces. From that a tangent about companies and tech founders that were here and moved somewhere else and the launch of Optum Ventures.

We close as we do with dares… I talk about self care and taking care of oneself, Casey mentions the iOS app Moment and for Android Quality Time to track time spent on all phone apps and Kathy dares us to gift to someone a news subscription for a year and see if they like it.

And yes… I do own the @Gophers account.

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