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MSP On Deck Podcast #10: Rob Weber Of Great North Labs Venture Fund And Startup School

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Our guest for this episode is Rob Weber.

Rob starts with a quick overview of the evolution of Freeze, W3i and NativeX and their (his brothers Ryan and Aaron) angel investing through 32 Degrees over 10 years. Which gets them to their new ventures (with a brief 1 month vacation)… Great North Labs and Startup School.

We then get further into his time at NativeX and what they learned about building a team and how that experience sparked the Startup School idea.

I’ve been a fan of Rob’s for a long time and am really happy that they’re activities are staying focused on growing the Minnesota and the Midwest tech scene.

Other things we talk about are how they will invest and in what kinds of startups, biggest home run and miss in angel investing so far and what the startup community needs more of (some of it is Startup School).

A few articles:

We all then shift a gear and talk about MN tech startup products that you can buy as holiday presents for colleagues or family. We recorded this in November so while the holidays are behind us the premise still holds… these are local companies we can support year round. Our suggestions:

Casey Allen:

Rob Weber:

Kathy Grayson:

My pick:

Connect with…

Rob Weber

Casey Allen:

Kathy Grayson 

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