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MSP On Deck Podcast #6: Amazon HQ2, Twin Cities Startup Week And Code42 IPO

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The next episode of MSP On Deck Podcast is out and was recorded September 14th.

It starts with Kathy Grayson, Senior Reporter at Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal (click LinkedIn | @mspbjGrayson), asking me about my thoughts on the then reported “restrained” bid Minnesota was going to make for Amazon HQ2. I reply with an extended rant on how I think being “restrained” is a horrible idea. Short of me dropping a “f bomb” every other sentence you get a very candid opinion from me.

Casey Allen (click EnterpriseRising | LinkedIn | @casey__allen) tried to give me some perspective and makes really good points but it is clear I was not listening well, much. I was then and still am now very frustrated with how it seems Minnesota is making a pitch.

I still have a blog post to write about how I really feel about all of this.

We then talk about Twin Cities Startup Week (going on now) and what we were looking forward to from the week.

Casey gives us some perspective on what a potential Code42 IPO may look like.

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