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Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

Minnesota Morning… Change Of Seasons

Two weeks seems like not a lot of time in the big picture. 14 days… 336 hours… 20160 minutes. Not a lot of time.

And then I think about the past two weeks with Twin Cities Startup Week and ERE Fall Recruiting Conference and I am overwhelmed in a good way with all the conversations, learning, networking, meeting new people, recruiting and when possible thinking about how all of this fits in the big picture.

Two weeks ago some of our trees still had green leaves and I couldn’t see much of the lake. After some much cooler nights (leaves changed color real quick) and strong winds of the past days most of them have fallen giving me a view I haven’t seen since last spring.

Lake Minnetonka, Fall Leaves, #LakeLife

I have some blog posts to write about events from the past weeks. For the moment let me share a couple of observations…

Minneapolis/St Paul Tech Scene:

The energy, optimism and activity during Twin Cities Startup Week was very high. This continues the trend of the past 3-5 years. Our tech community has a lot going on and most important… continues to grow.

A common theme in conversations I had during the week and could be in part influenced by my comments on the MSP On Deck Podcast, thoughts about Amazon HQ2 and ongoing rant the past year or two… we need to do a better job telling our story. We need individuals, companies and associations to get way more vocal in telling the stories of our area. We can’t continue to say no one knows what is going on in the region if the region is not telling the story.


Be it Minnesota techies, startup CEO’s or the 350+ Recruiter and HR pros at the ERE Fall Conference there is a growing feeling that recruiting as a thing, as an activity is not working well. Tech professionals continue to talk about horrible messaging and interview experiences. Startup CEO’s continue to talk about not being able to find the right people fast enough. And my Recruiter and HR colleagues (local, regional and national) continue to talk about the pressure they feel from their CEO’s yet do not have staff, budget, resources or training to do the job.

Let me be real clear… the recruiting dysfunction is a good thing for search firm recruiters, consulting groups and HR tech software vendors. It is not good for my friends listed above.

Back to recruiting…

I have one business event left on my calendar for the year this Friday, 2017 Make It. MSP. Summit. After that it’s a lot of recruiting through the end of the year and some much needed housekeeping here on the blog.

Current projects I am working on include ():


  • Head of Digital Business Innovation


  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Designers

Wildflower Foundation

  • Software Developers - Python and/or React
  • Front End Developers/UI
  • UI Visualization
  • Machine Learning Data Analysis
  • Computer Vision Scientist Developer
  • Hardware Researcher

Branch Messenger

  • iOS Engineer
  • Senior Android Engineer
  • Senior Backend Engineer

SPS Commerce

  • Lead Software Engineer (Java)
  • Software Engineer (Java)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Java)
  • Senior Cloud Engineer
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Product Designer

I’m looking forward to writing more focusing on the Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota and Midwest tech scene.

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