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MSP On Deck Podcast #5: Scott Burns Of Structural And Osborne370

MSP On Deck Podcast Is Live And Focusing On The Minnesota Tech And Startup Scene


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I’ve been waiting for this day all summer.

While not quite Santa Claus arriving, a 7 lb walleye off the dock or the Gophers beating the Badgers for Paul Bunyan’s Axe… it might be next on the list.

The MSP On Deck podcast is live!!!

We have a logo (above) and tagline:

“The only deep podcast covering 100% Minnesota, 100% startups, 100% tech. Starring Kathy Grayson, Paul DeBettignies, Casey Allen. Powered by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.”

We have a Twitter account: @mspondeck

And a web site too where you can listen to our sessions: MSP on Deck Podcast

You can find the podcast and subscribe by clicking MSP on Deck  on iTunes and MSP on Deck on Stitcher

Some background…

Sometime late 2016, early 2017 I had one of my many conversations with Casey Allen (for more info click EnterpriseRising | LinkedIn | @casey__allen) about the Minnesota startup and tech scene. We have these a lot. Usually sharing news with each other once a week or so. It usually involves one of us going on and on for 30 minutes about some news item, trend or thing startups and tech companies should be doing.

A while after that Casey asked me if I would be interested in doing a startup and tech podcast and I said yes. I had been a contributor on the Tech.MN GetDown podcast last year and I liked doing them.

We then had a conversation about who we would like to have as a 3rd person and Casey already had someone on his mind… Kathy Grayson, Senior Reporter at Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal (for more info click LinkedIn | @mspbjGrayson). We’ve both known and worked on stories with Kathy for many years so I was excited at the idea. More so when she said yes.

Fast forward to late spring, early summer when we started recording sessions at the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal office. It was a lot of fun and we produced really good content.


I think we hit our stride on #5 when we invited Scott Burns to join us. He has been in the news a lot this year with the start of Structural and Osborn370. More on that tomorrow when I focus on that podcast.

Last week we did our 6th which will be out soon. We will be recording two times a month.

Our goal is to shine a light on the Minnesota startup and tech scene and talk with those active in the region. And get more in depth with them than a usual print/web article can do.

So take a listen to the podcasts and if you have a moment send me an email [email protected] and answer one/all of these questions:

  • How are we doing so far with content? Do you find this interesting?
  • What would you do different?
  • What topics would you like us to cover and who would you want us to chat with?


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