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MSP On Deck Podcast #5: Scott Burns Of Structural And Osborne370

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Yesterday I mentioned that this summer I have been working on a Minnesota startup and tech podcast with Kathy Grayson and Casey Allen called MSP on Deck. Check out =>

The first 4 podcasts are really good with a lot of “inside baseball” on topics like:

  • #4: The State (of Minnesota’s) VC ecosystem, WeWork, Osborne370 and Minnesota corporate venture capital
  • #3: Bright Health, Minnesota Angel Tax Credit, debut of MinneInno and The Nerdery Layoff
  • #2: Interning at Minnesota startups, Arthur Ventures raising a new fund and Jump Technologies, Kidizen and PetChatz/Anser Innovation funding
  • #1: Startup community mood, ReTrace Health closing, and Sports Engine exit

The 5th podcast… we definitely hit our stride and good timing as we had our first guest, Scott Burns of Structural and Osborn370. Click @smburns and LinkedIn to connect with him.

Scott was the CEO of GovDelivery before an acquisition then merger and didn’t spend much any time off. As he says to us in the podcast… he focused on his civic volunteering and time with the family. Then picked up the pace with Structural and Osborn370.

We were very happy he was able to stay with us during the whole podcast… some of what we covered:

  • Structural and how it will help companies retain their team, help employees with career paths
  • The story of Osborn370
  • St. Paul as a tech hub
  • Reasons why companies have left St. Paul
  • We spoke a lot about recruiting and hiring
  • We spoke a lot about fundraising… Seed Capital and Series A
  • ArcServe moves HQ to Eden Prairie

A BIG thank you to Scott for hanging out with us.

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