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Minnesota Headhunter Chats With Chris Russell On The Rec Tech Podcast

Just before Labor Day I spent almost an hour chatting with Chris Russell for his Rec Tech Podcast. Chris and I have been long time followers of each other professionally and also of our fishing escapades. Chris is very active in the HR tech, startup and recruiting app space and is someone to follow.

You can find him on RecTech Media, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

We covered a lot of ground ranging from #LakeLife to the Minnesota tech scene to recruiting and more:

  1. How’s Lake life treating you?

  2. How’s business and tell me a bit about the Minnesota tech scene?

  3. What recruiting or HRtech companies are located up there?

  4. I heard that some Minnesota employers making big push to recruit outside of Minneapolis? Are companies there more willing to relocate?

  5. When did you get the idea to brand yourself as the Minnesota Headhunter?

  6. What tech tools do you use to recruit...let’s start with your ATS?

  7. See LinkedIn today? New active user feature...thoughts?

  8. Tell me a story of your most creative sourcing story where you really dug deep to find someone?

  9. Ever sourced anyone by first finding them on twitter or Facebook?

  10. What’s your approach to candidate outreach….? Do you get creative with your messaging?

  11. It amazes me how dumb employers are by not putting their career/jobs link at the top of their just wrote a post on that...comment?

  12. What else are companies still doing wrong when it comes to promoting themselves?

  13. What’s the one thing about the future of recruiting that you are worried about?

It was a lot of fun to catch up and nerd out with Chris.

You can listen to the podcast below and note that he has interviewed a lot of leaders in the recruiting and HR tech space so be sure to click Rec Tech Podcast to hear more:

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