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Recruiting Advice: Put Your “Careers” Button At The Top Of Your Page

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Let me nerd out for a couple of minutes… where is your “Careers” or “Jobs” button on your web page?

Is it above the fold/scroll like the screen shots above from Kipsu and General Mills? Well done and you can stop reading now.

Or is it at the bottom of your web page, buried in an “About Us” drop down menu or worse, non-existent and part of another page? Then you should keep reading.

If recruiting is truly important to a company then frankly it should be at the top of the home page. Why would you ask people to scroll all the way down to find your jobs? That’s just bad user experience.

Here are the two most frequent reasons I get for this and a short reply:

  • Our web site is optimized for sales and product info
    • Umm… if you don’t have a staff how are you going to convert sales and make a product?
  • Our marketing team does not want more “clutter” on the navigation bar
    • Make a deal with them… ask them to do an A/B test and see what Google Analytics shows. If it is actually a diversion, then yeah get rid of it.

As a recruiter I want access to every tool in my toolbox that will help me do my job better and this is an often overlooked one.

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