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50 Phrases Not To Use In Your Job Descriptions

Stop Using These Job Descriptions

A little sarcasm, small rant and moment of reflection with this one… we always see the surveys about what words and phrases not to use in resumes. You know the one’s:

“Hey dummy stop using these words. They make you look silly.”

How judgmental. Particularly when I see the same words in resumes from my Recruiter and HR Friends all the time.

And every time I see one of those lists I think/reply/rant:

“What about job descriptions?”

I think they are the more offending piece of work.

Thanks to Textio we have 50 corporate cliches you secretly love and a solid list, if you ask me, of words and phrases not to use.

In Minnesota we want more “face time”.


These bother me more:

  • Colorado - Change driver
  • Idaho - Achieve alignment
  • Kentucky - Possess strength
  • Rhode Island - Push the envelope
  • Tennessee - Touch base

As I copy and paste those I realize… most of the list bothers me.

Go take a look at your job descriptions and see if you too achieve alignment by going the extra mile to push the envelope with strategic communications.

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