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Do We Have Too Many Recruiter And HR Events In Minneapolis And St Paul

Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp, Recruiter Conference

Since announcing the Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp (July 31 and August 1, 2017) online last night and through an email newsletter this morning I have received a large number of supportive messages from friends and colleagues. Those messages are similar with conversations I have had with recruiters, HR leaders, executives and civic leaders in Minneapolis/St Paul and the Midwest over the past months about the need to “amp up” the regions recruiting game.

There’s no doubt there is a need, and demand, for an event like this.

So let’s get to it…

Are there too many Recruiter and HR events in Minneapolis and St Paul?

Hell no.

Let me be more clear… HELL NO.

At a time when surveys say we are near an all time high point that workers are looking for a new job yet most employers are having a hard time hiring…

When a statistic says Minneapolis/St Paul may be 100,000 workers short by 2020 and other cities in the Midwest are struggling to get people to move in the area…

When there is a growing shift of people away from the West Coast…

Our region needs to a better job recruiting and that starts with doing a better job teaching Recruiters, HR pros, Hiring Managers how to source, recruit, market, hire, on board and retain workers.

So do I think adding a new event or group to the mix detracts from the others… hell no.

On the HR side of things I strongly support Minnesota SHRM. They will have a great 3 day conference Oct 8-10, 2017 in Duluth. I have been fortunate to speak there a couple of times and it’s especially interesting to chat with those not recruiting in the Minneapolis and St Paul area.

TCHRA recently rebranded as TCSHRM and I think it has been great move. They are one of the largest SHRM chapters in the country and provide great content, networking and career planning. Their next event is September 14th, 2017.

We also have LEHRN with their events and what has become a really large HR Tech Expo and HRP-MN.

Back in January I spoke with colleagues at the MNTRN event and again in March leading their panel. As most Recruiter and HR events in town are… the rooms were full. They have an upcoming social event August 3, 2017 at the St Paul Saints game.

We are coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the 1st Minnesota Recruiters event. With the help of others I put 115 or so in a room and it was like lighting a match and tossing it in a gas can. Over the next almost 5 years we put on 15 or 16 events and grew it into the largest regional recruiter event in the country. 5 years ago yesterday (ironically on the same day I announced the bootcamp) I announced my stepping aside from the group to pursue other things and passed the group on to Jason Buss. He has taken what we started and grown it to something much bigger and expanded into other cities. Further proof of the demand for training.

I think since 2007 the group has passed 50 conferences and social events. The content that has been presented, networking opportunities created and jobs filled has and will continue to far exceed what I ever thought was possible 10 years ago and that’s a good thing.

This morning Minnesota Recruiters announced that they are doing what is a first for them, a one day conference on October 11th. I have no doubt they will have good content and the networking will be awesome. Check out Minnesota Recruiters and register for the event.

One more event to talk about… ERE Media is bringing their 2017 Fall Recruiting Conference to Minneapolis October 16-18, 2017. ERE was last here in 2010 at Best Buy HQ’s and we had 350-400 recruiters from around the country talking about what was then cutting edge social recruiting tactics and strategies. I’ve been lobbying, annoying may be a better word, for them to come back. I look forward to Minneapolis and St Paul hosting our colleagues from around the country and world.

Bonus… I am also thrilled to be doing a keynote, “Blow Up Your Recruiting Strategy” at the conference.

NOTE: if you are planning on attending I have been given a “Discount Code” for 25% off tickets. Enter => MNHEADHUNTER when you register.

If you are a recruiting or HR professional in Minneapolis/St Paul you have a bunch of options to learn, network and advance your career. Take advantage of it.

I look forward to seeing you at the Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp in a month and at the events this fall.

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