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Minnesota Morning: Kidizen And Foodsby Funding, Minnesota Tech Podcast And TCF Bank Hiring


After 13 years, 7 months and 4 days of living in the North Loop of Minneapolis I have moved to the Lake Minnetonka area. The North Loop was a great place to live (and work) and I will continue to be there quite a bit with business activities. The area has changed a lot for the better. I will miss the late night views of  the city, river walks and well… walking everywhere but it was time for new scenery.

For those wondering yes, the quiet of #LakeLife is freaking my senses out. I have not heard sirens (police, fire or ambulance) in the 23 days since I moved. But I am adjusting well :)

Last days in the North Loop:

North Loop, Downtown Minneapolis, Warehouse District North Loop, Downtown Minneapolis, Warehouse District North Loop, Downtown Minneapolis, Warehouse District

First days on Lake Minnetonka:

Lake Minnetonka, Lake Life Lake Minnetonka, Lake Life Lake Minnetonka, Lake Life

Kidizen Funding

I first met Mary Fallon, Dori Graff and Dug Nichols at CoCo years ago and have been able to watch their path. It’s been interesting to watch them build the business and now for it to take a next step. Kidizen announced a $3.2M round of funding with some of that geared towards hiring. Check out Kidizen careers (scroll down).

Links to articles on the funding:

A photo with the Kidizen team from their party:

Kidizen Series A Party



Foodsby, a restaurant delivery service, announced a $5.9 million round of Series A funding that will help them expand into more cities and hire staff.. Many in the local tech scene had already been talking about how fast they were growing and expected a round of funding this spring. Click Foodsby jobs.

More info click:

Minnesota Tech Podcast

Last year I participated in 9 episodes of the Tech.MN GetDown podcast and enjoyed talking about the Minnesota tech scene with Jeff Pesek, Kelly Kuhn-Wallace and Don Ball. It was fun to be able to talk about news of the day and share (sometimes) differing opinions.

Early this year I was having a conversation with a couple of tech friends about all the topics, news and people not being covered. That brought me to a conversation with Casey Allen (@casey__allen). And that brought me/us to a conversation with Kathy Grayson (@mspbjGrayson) from the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal.

After swapping a bunch of email we met a couple of weeks ago to do a test run. It went really well and it helps that we know each other so well.

MN Tech Podcast, Kathy Grayson, Casey Allen, Paul DeBettignies

Our first podcast will be posted in early April and I’ll be sure to post it here. If you have topics or news we should talk about send me an email paul@mnheadhunter.com

TCF Bank Hiring

My first recruiting and employer branding project of the year (two more to talk about in coming days) is with TCF Bank. Over the past weeks I have learned of a lot of really interesting and cool work going on within the technology and digital teams. There is a good story to tell here and I am going to be a strong evangelist and advocate for them.

Regarding tech hiring my current focus is on building the Data & BI team including Senior Data/BI Engineers and Solutions Architects.. We are looking for some really nerdy people who enjoy creating things. Besides the Data & BI team we are looking for QA Engineers, Java Developers, .Net Developers, Business Analysts and Cyber Security Analysts.

Click TCF Bank careers and send me an email if you see something of interest paul@mnheadhunter.com

A few photos from my first days… one of the open meeting coworking like spaces, a meeting of senior company leaders, technology and recruiting teams and TCF Bank CIO Tom Butterfield speaking to 1,000+ at a TCF conference on embracing the power of technology:

TCF Bank Jobs, Minnesota IT Jobs TCF Bank Jobs, Minnesota IT Jobs TCF Bank Jobs, Minnesota IT Jobs


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