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Really sad news this week with the passing of Ray Christensen. Ray was the voice of Gopher football and basketball and his voice is engrained on my brain. I remember jumping into leaf piles with a football listening to games. I was in my cousin’s basement playing floor hockey in 1986 when the Gophers won at Michigan. I had the TV on mute with the radio on when the Gophers upset #1 Penn State.

All of the basketball games... 1,309 of them and 510 football games. I was trying to wrap my brain around how many people over a 50 year career heard this man.

WCCO 830 Radio (CBS) put this together and has been posted hundreds of times this week:


A funny memory… I grew up thinking Sophomore was 3 syllables because that's how he said it: “Soph uh more”.

So many stories have been shared online about how good a man he was including recording books for blind kids. He seemed to have no ego. A rarity these days in the sports world.

“I’ve always tried to make the game the most important thing,” Christensen said in a 2001 Associated Press story as his career was ending. “So many broadcasters think people are tuning in for them, and it may be true. I didn’t want it to be true for me. Enjoy the game. The game is wonderful.”

Well done Mr Christensen, well done... Thank You

“This is Golden Gopher Football”

Scott Burns

News that Scott Burns (@smburns) has stepped down from his CEO role at GovDelivery following the merger with Denver based Granicus. I always pay attention to mergers and acquisitions specifically to the name of the company, CEO and where the HQ’s will be. That’s a sign of where much of the hiring tends to be. This from the Mpls StarTribune article linked below:

In an interview, Burns said he expects the St. Paul operation to continue to grow.

"It's good news for [downtown] St. Paul jobs and a good position for our leadership team to contribute and take this larger business forward," Burns said. "I take the new owner at his word to grow all offices."

I am a big fan of Scott’s and he is very involved in the Minneapolis/St Paul startup and tech scene. I look forward to seeing what he will do next.

Target Takeoff

A week after a story that Target is cutting back on some of their technology initiatives, Target Kills Goldfish, they announce Target Takeoff. From the web site which includes components, timeline and criteria:

“We make a difference when we make it easier for our guests to achieve their wellness goals.

We want to support the next generation of entrepreneurs creating accessible, affordable, inclusive and inspirational wellness products and services.

We are bringing 10 founders of up and coming wellness businesses to Minneapolis May 1-5 for an opportunity to network, meet with mentors, and talk all things retail.  Participants will then prepare virtually for a Demo Day on July 25th to pitch to leaders in retail. Our goal is to help founders go further, faster by providing a network of mentors, a cohort of peers, and an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and experience.”

Enterprise Rising

Enterprise Rising has been announced for Thursday, March 30th at the Day Block Brewing Event Center. This is the 3rd event and I will be attending as I have the others. This is really good event for:

  • Investors
  • Startup Founders
  • Advisors
  • Those interested in working with an enterprise software company

This is a Top 10 Minneapolis startup and tech networking event so come prepared to meet people, learn and share advice. After you register send me an email so we can find time to chat during the day


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