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Minnesota Morning | Clay Collins At Enterprise.MN And Target Kills Goldfish

Lake Minnetonka, #LakeLife

After 13+ years living in the North Loop of Downtown Minneapolis I am trading my #CityLife photos for 2 years to this #LakeLife view of Lake Minnetonka. Now that I have a commute I’ll have to do a much better job of scheduling my work days. Well worth it.

Clay Collins At Enterprise.MN

Enterprise MN, Clay Collins

This months Enterprise.MN was with Clay Collins, CEO and Co Founder of Leadpages. Cole Grolmus always does a great job asking questions of tech leaders in town and getting attendees to ask follow up questions.

If you’re curious about the Leadpages story click the videos below and check out Leadpages Careers… they are hiring.

Thanks to Tech.MN for documenting these events.

Enterprise.MN | Clay Collins [1] from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

Enterprise.MN | Clay Collins [2] from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

Next month is Aaron Kardell, CEO and Founder of HomeSpotter.

Side note… the next Enterprise Rising Conference is Friday, March 30th. Check out and follow the organizer Casey Allen on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Target Kills Goldfish

A bummer of an announcement from Target this week… they are cutting back on some of their technology initiatives including the much talked about “Goldfish”. The StarTribune had this first with Target cuts innovation initiatives, including secretive Goldfish start-up (may require subscription):

"After sales and traffic continued to slide during the holidays, Target Corp. is scaling back big portions of its innovation agenda to double down on its core business.

The Minneapolis-based retailer has killed Goldfish, a secretive e-commerce start-up it green-lighted a year ago, and has shelved a prototype for a robot-infused store of the future that was slated to soon be built, according to four sources familiar with the matter.

Other smaller projects from the innovation team also have been eliminated or reduced in recent weeks.”

The MSP Business Journal then had Target flushes 'Goldfish' e-commerce startup and a follow up What was Target's dead 'Goldfish' startup?:

“At a high level, it was an online marketplace that would permit third-party companies to sell products, Recode reports, noting that Target was expected to initially use the technology as a “platform for a fashion site that had a social media feel."”


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