Webinar: Minnesota IT Jobs, Salary and Recruiting Report - Spring 2017
Conversation With A National Recruiting And HR Thought Leader… I Don’t Care

Minnesota Morning | Arthur Ventures $50M Fund, Titans Of Technology And Tech Cities 2017

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OK… I know it seems I talk a lot about the weather but when you get a string of 40F - 60F days you want to talk about it. And take photos, walk and daydream. Yes this is coming to an end with a snow storm predicted for later in the week. That’s OK too. we need the snow (water).

Minnesota IT Jobs

In case you missed it I posted 11 new Minnesota IT Jobs. I will have a few more the end of this week.

Webinar: Minnesota IT Jobs, Salary and Recruiting Report - Spring 2017

And in case you missed this yesterday… March 1st I am doing my Spring 2017 Minnesota IT Jobs, Salary and Recruiting Report. It’s free to listen to and whether you are recruiting or an IT pro this is for you.

Arthur Ventures

Arthur Ventures has a new filing with the SEC showing they are raising a $50M 3rd fund with $43M raised from 79 investors. Arthur Ventures is based in Fargo, North Dakota with a significant presence in Minneapolis with Patrick Meenan (@pmeenan1 | Patrick Meenan Blog) Ryan Kruizenga and Andy Christensen (@achristensen017)

So far in Minnesota they have invested in Lead Pages, When I Work, Zipnosis, Total Expert and Flipgrid. They have invested in around 20 companies around the country and it’s worth noting they invest anywhere BUT in the Bay Area.

Titans Of Technology

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has announced their 2017 Titans of Technology:

It’s a really good list of engaged community leaders. Included in the Community Heroes category, which recognize individuals within the tech industry for their outstanding community involvement, is Nick Roseth, COO of SWAT Solutions and Creator of DocuMNtary. Nick and I are advisors on the Make IT. MSP. initiative and I am one of the sponsors of DocuMNtary. He is a very active evangelist of the MN tech scene and I am happy he is being recognized.

Tech Cities

Tech Cities 2017, Paul DeBettignies, Nick van Wagner, Matt Lewis, Minnesota Tech Scene

Tech Cities 2017 is next week, March 3rd, at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. We had a call for our breakout session this morning and I am looking forward to being part of this conversation:

Beyond Silicon Valley: Attracting Talent to MN

The region needs more tech talent, but people who've never been here may think Minnesota is frozen flyover country. On the other hand, natives who left the are boomerang back with surprising regularity. This session will explore which of the region's attributes and strengths are most compelling when recruiting tech talent. Hear from a top tech recruiter on the myths newcomer candidates hold about MN, a recent boomerang-er who just returned to the region from working at LinkedIn in Silicon Valley, and a civic organization on the perceptions shaping the region's reputation.

There are a few tickets available with a special discount to students. Click the link above for more information.

Minnesota Headhunter for current blog posts and Minneapolis IT Jobs for searches I am working on.


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