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Conversation With A Ruby Developer… Should I let Search Firms Float My Resume Around?

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Yesterday I had a phone call with a Ruby Developer who is currently in Silicon Valley and looking to move to the Midwest. They are highly skilled, easy to work with, highly recommended and from this region. Specifically they are looking for a company in Minneapolis or Chicago.

They asked me a curious question…

Many of the search firm recruiters are asking if they can float my resume around for me. I don’t have a network in those cities so it seems convenient but I think there are negatives to this too. Right?

My reply…


First… for some industries, skill sets and towns I think working with a couple of search firms is a good idea.

But to rely on them to do your networking or job search for you is a horrible idea. Sure there have been many times over the years I work with someone moving to Minneapolis and they want me to help them on their job search. If there is a strategy to it, I’m for it.

A few reasons to be cautious:

  • Do the search firms have already existing relationships with the companies or are they using your resume to get themselves in the door? Floating the resume of a highly skilled developer in Silicon Valley is a sweet marketing tool for a search firm. Do you really want to be someone’s tool?
  • If two search firms submit you to the same company or job the company may exclude you from the process. While “credit” usually goes to the group who submitted you first some companies may avoid any possible legal issues.
  • Are they submitting you to quality companies or are they going with whoever will pay them a fee? Remember, you are the one going to work at the company not the search firm.

One way to be in control is this… have an agreement that your resume will not be sent to a company without your prior approval.

Take away’s:

  • Search Firm’s are a good tool but do not rely on them.
  • Retain control of your search.
  • Network, network, network.

If you are moving to Minneapolis and would like to get an idea of what the Minnesota tech scene is like, send me an email paul@mnheadhunter.com

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