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Conversation With A National Recruiting And HR Thought Leader… I Don’t Care

I Don't Care 


I had an interesting conversation with someone who many including myself describe as a Recruiting and HR “thought leader”. They reject the term but it is earned and warranted and they have the “scars” to prove it. This is someone I have a lot of respect for and enjoy catching up with.

During our long talk about work, life, and relationships we started talking about industry stuff like content at national conferences, personalities and egos, role of blogging and speaking, new tools, etc. The gist of my answer to all of those was this:

“I don’t care”

After a series of those kinds of replies and before asking the next question they took a pause and asked:

“Why not? You have opinions, are strong minded and not afraid to share what is on your mind.”

My reply:

“Yeah I have opinions but I don’t care that much. Who has the time? And how much of this impacts my business in Minneapolis and recruiting in the Midwest?”


Other than the recent changes on LinkedIn (obvious reasons) and the announcement of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (my interest in the recruiting industry)… I don’t care about the new tools relentlessly being promoted, who is fighting with who and who was picked to speak at (fill in the blank) conference.

Most Recruiter and HR professionals don’t either. And most don’t care who posted how many times in a Facebook group or how many “likes” something received.

My focus is on client work (source, recruit, hire, recruiting strategy and a recruiting audit), prepping for Tech Cities 2017, MinneBar and my own writing. Spare time is spent finishing prep work for Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp, webinars, a tech podcast and Make It MSP.

They did ask me a question about the trend of greater interest and investment in Midwest startups and the exodus of tech pros out of the Bay Area. THAT I had a lot of opinions and thoughts on.

While I get those conversations mentioned above are important in some circles… for those of us building tech teams and involved in our local business and technology community they don’t matter much.

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