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STOP… What If LinkedIn Dies?

RIP Linked In

At my MTNRN presentation, click Recap: 2017 Ready, Set, GO!!! Recruiter Checklist, I had this simple slide:

What if LinkedIn died

My challenge was… go one day a week without using LinkedIn.

And there were some butts squirming in the chairs. A couple of recruiters said they might not be able to go an hour without using LinkedIn.

That surprised me a bit.

In my head I was thinking what if LinkedIn really does go away? Or goes through a DoS for a few hours or days? Or… and now I am being silly, the Internet stopped working?

Yesterday I was having a chat with Minnesota search firm recruiter who specializes in IT and has been at this recruiting game for 10+ years. He too might have issues if LinkedIn were to die.

Here’s my question… how can anyone be so tied to a tool that their entire career depended on it?

You’re thinking, but LinkedIn will never go away.

OK, I grudgingly concede that point.

But… what if LinkedIn continues to raise the cost of the tool? What if your VP of HR or CFO say they are cutting back on their LinkedIn spend? What if you lose seats, InMail?

What if… they stop paying for it?

Takeaway: diversify your tool set. Don’t be so dependent on any one thing that you can’t do your job without.

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Tau Kotoni

Good advice, indeed! Thank you for sharing. In the lieu of diversifying the toolset, do you suggest any other digital tools as alternatives to LinkedIn?

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