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“The not so glamorous side of #recruiterlife: 12 hour day, caffeine, sandwich in the skyway, Spotify, 21 tabs and a bunch of Chrome extensions. Looking for iOS Dev's #MNtech

I posted that photo yesterday after having a conversation with a HR friend who asked if my day was always full of meetings and events. I said no, there are a lot of phone calls, sourcing and writing too. They said an occasional photo of a normal work day would be interesting. That’s fair… I think a view into what a full work day is like might be interesting including the “boring” stuff and 11 pm sourcing sessions.

The Iron Yard

A couple of days ago The Iron Yard had an event for students, alumni and the advisory board… we had a trivia contest. We had teams, 6 rounds of questions and some minor trash talk. My team was leading after 3 rounds but the 4th round we fell apart and finished 3rd overall. It was a good way to get to know everyone better. We then had some time to interact with the students with lots of conversations around code, the Minnesota tech scene and their upcoming job search.

Iron Yard Minneapolis has 2 classes going on at this time: Front End Engineering and Back End Engineering. If you are looking to hire a junior developer I can make an introduction with you and the Iron Yard. I really like the students and want to help them get their first job.

A couple of photos from the other night… while we were doing introductions and me with Casey Allen and Eric Caron who also are on the advisory board:

Iron Yard Minneapolis Iron Yard Minneapolis

MyAlerts Funding

A month ago MyAlerts (formerly TrackIf and previous client) announced a $2M round of funding and a new product focusing on the recruiting industry. Doug Berg, CEO and Founder, had a webinar at the end of December debuting the product. They are looking for Beta users and I volunteered.

I have been a long time fan of Doug back to his IT staffing days in the 90’s then through Techies.com and the Jobs2Web acquisition. He was a sponsor of recruiter group and spoke at a couple of the conferences.

You can catch a little more of the story by clicking:

MN Tech Podcast

Episode #9 of GetDown, the Tech.MN podcast I am a part of, can be listened to below. Here are the topics we spoke about with links back to Tech.MN:




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