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Minnesota Morning | Minnesota Engineering Blog, Minnesota Q4 2016 Venture Funding And Snoopy And Charlie Brown For Sale

Mississippi River, Downtown Minneapolis

The photo above was from this past weekend on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge looking east. It was a very calm and quiet evening in Downtown Minneapolis and it was good to take a few minutes and do some “reflecting”.

Minnesota Engineering Blog

I am a big fan of companies that show off their culture be it on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or a company blog. Just as when we recruit we are hoping to find more about candidates… candidates are doing the same with us. They want to check out the CTO’s Tweets, Instagram photos showing events and culture and a blog where one can understand the “voice” of a company.

When I Work (disclaimer: previous client) has a first post on their When I Work Engineering blog, The Other Reasons We Chose React. I saw Dan Olfelt (@dolfelt), Founder and Chief Architect, post the link on LinkedIn and he says there are more to come.

Things like this allow a tech community and potential candidates a glimpse into what it is like to work at a company. It’s a “no brainer” thing to do. Well done Dan.

Minnesota Q4 2016 Venture Funding

Tech.MN has a list of tech companies that received funding The Q4 2016 Minnesota Tech Capital Review: 38 Ventures Raised $39m

Here is how 2016 breaks down by quarter:

  • Q4 2016: $39M  from 38 companies
  • Q3 2016: $8M from 17 companies
  • Q2 2016: $122M from 28 companies
  • Q1 2016: $46M from 33 companies

There continues to be funding momentum with tech startups in Minneapolis / St Paul. If you are looking for a job with a startup in the area use the quarterly reports on Tech.MN and go to those company career pages.

Snoopy And Charlie Brown For Sale

This hurts my soul a bit… Reuters has this Peanuts, home of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, up for sale: sources. Charles Schulz, Creator, was born in Minneapolis and grew up in St Paul. As a kid I remember being all about Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. I hope they find a good home.


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