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Tips For Doing A Job Search In The New Year

Paul DeBettignies Interview At WCCO TV

Yesterday I had an interview at WCCO TV (CBS) with Kylie Bearse and Kim Johnson to give some tips  on finding a job in the New Year.

They start the segment with this CareerBuilder survey Workers Reveal Plans to Land New Jobs in 2017 and the headline that 22% are planning to change jobs in 2017.

I say during our chat that I would have expected the number to be a bit higher. Saying that… no way that high of a percent will change jobs in 2017. It’s easy to say one is looking for a job but a whole other thing to do it.

A couple of tips I did not get a chance to mention:

  • Try not to send email to friends, peers and colleagues that say, “I am looking for a job” or “I am looking for a marketing job”. They likely don’t know what you do, what you are looking for. Tell them, give them bullet/talking points. Paint a picture for them.
  • “Who do you know who is hiring…” is a great open ended question to ask. Usually we ask, “Are you hiring?” and with that comes a yes or no. “Who do you know who is hiring…” turns into a networking conversation and you may learn a number of companies who are hiring.

Here is the interview and here is a link to 200+ Job Search Tips here on the blog:


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I totally agree with you.
While many people say they want to change jobs - and indeed may be tentatively looking around for a better position - the number who will actually do something will be far, far fewer (as always, the real action takers just do it).

Things are slightly different here in the UK, but I suspect broadly the same.

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