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Earlier this week I took a drive to St Paul to check out the Christmas lights at Rice Park. A few days prior we had snow on the ground but after some rain it was all gone. I’ll make another trip over there when it snows again. A couple of photos:

 Rice Park, St Paul, Christmas lights Rice Park, St Paul, Christmas lights


Yesterday I bumped into the team working on Atique at CoCo - Downtown Minneapolis. They sell vintage and antique jewelry and what they were showing off was their virtual reality app. Simply put… it was dang cool. A couple of photos:

Atique vintage and antique jewelry Atique vintage and antique jewelry

You can find them by clicking Web | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook and more in this article:

Jeweler R.F. Moeller spins out antique jewelry e-commerce startup


Hack The Gap

Minnesota's all-women hackathon has its 2017 event scheduled for January 14th and 15th at Target Plaza Commons.

I think I heard they are on pace to have 100 participants. This is a great event that has in the past been hosted by Lead Pages and Clockwork. I have been a sponsor and look forward to doing it again this time. If you want to support the event click Hack the Gap Sponsor.

For more information on the event click Hack the Gap 2017 and Hack the Gap All-Women Hackathon for registration information.

A couple of photos from this year:

Hack the Gap 2016 Demo Day Hack the Gap 2016 Demo Day

10 Hard To Find Tech Skills

Burning Glass did research on 40,000 sources of job postings and has come up with this list of “hard to find tech skills” and the number of average days to fill them:

  • Cloud Security - 96 days

  • Jboss Application Server - 77

  • Metadata Design - 73

  • Integration Architecture - 70

  • Distributed Computing - 69

  • Information Architecture - 68

  • Apache Kafka - 66

  • Web Services Security - 63

  • Salesforce Integration - 62

  • Cloud Computing - 62

Seems like a fair list of hard to find skills and of course location will impact it a bit. I am guessing that numbers 11-25 are a list of languages with 50-60 days to fill.

Clearly I don’t have a lot of commentary today… I’ll find something to be more opinionated about next time.

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