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Amazon Hiring Again In Minneapolis Adding 1,000 Full Time Workers


Amazon Hiring In Minneapolis

I’ve had a number of conversations with a Minneapolis business reporter over the past 18+ months about what the potential impact would be with Amazon coming to town.

My curiosity started long before that… back when Amazon tech recruiters were recruiting hard here to get tech pros to move to Seattle. Then they had a job fair or two in town and somewhere along the line a recruiting event to hire recruiters.

I said to the reporter, they should just come here. It would be good for Amazon, the local tech scene and the business community. And yes they would disrupt things but I said that was a good thing.

I also said I was curious about two things:

  • How would their salaries and hourly wages compare to the local market
  • Would the Amazon Minneapolis culture have a “local” feel or a Seattle one

Yesterday the Minneapolis StarTribune posted this story Amazon looks to hire 1,000 more workers in Shakopee (subscription may be required):

“Amazon is actively hiring for another 1,000 full-time jobs on top of the 1,500 positions it has already filled at the warehouse in the southwestern suburb, said Nina Lindsey, an Amazon spokeswoman. That is more than double the 1,000 jobs Amazon initially said it expected to have at its first and only fulfillment center in Minnesota.”


“In recent weeks, Amazon’s hiring ads for the Shakopee site have been hitting TV screens and newspapers around the Twin Cities. They promote $1,000 signing and referral bonuses and wages of up to $17 an hour. They also tout “on-the-spot job offers” and list three places where people can walk in without an appointment to apply in person — the Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington, the Confederation of Somali Community in Minneapolis and at the Amazon warehouse in Shakopee itself.

The job market in the Twin Cities is particularly tight with many businesses from many industries struggling to find enough workers. But Amazon has offered similar bonuses at other sites around the country in the past few years, and it is not a new practice, Lindsey said.”

WCCO TV (CBS) also picked up the story:


My original thought that Amazon could create a BIG presence in Minneapolis is coming true. The original 1,500 workers plus the next 1,000 and add in the seasonal workers… that’s crazy.

Let me pause on the $17 an hour part of the story. They are attracting a significant number of people and it is putting A LOT of pressure on manufacturing, healthcare, retail and related industries who do not pay that much.

THIS is what I was saying about how Amazon could disrupt things.

And let’s talk tech hiring for a moment… they originally were going to hire around 100 developers and managers. But the rumored space in the new T3 building in the North Loop could accommodate up to 300.

I look forward to my next chat with my reporter friend… this is getting good now.

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