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It’s been a week since Election Day… leading up to it I was ready for it to be over and on to whatever was going to be next. I’ve been having a “be careful watch you wish for” moment. I was guessing it would be a new version of what we have endured the past months and years. So far that seems to be the case.

On Facebook I noticed I had posted this 4 years ago in the early hours after the 2012 election:

Election Day 2012

While completely jaded about our entire political system and hoping someone steps up in the next weeks and months that can be a more centrist politician and start uniting the country, or at least represent the middle 40% of us, I am still grateful that we can have “peaceful” elections no matter how messy they are on TV and online.

On my way to the voting booth I took this photo:

God Bless America, Election Day 2016

I’ve been finding myself “looking up” a lot the past week.


Thomson Reuters Layoffs

Two weeks ago Thomson Reuters announced a 2,000 worker global layoff. Here are the local stories about the layoff and note that Thomson Reuters was not commenting on Minnesota jobs… more on that in a moment:

Here is a Thomson Reuters press release from early October:

A rumor the past few weeks is that 400, give or take 100, Minnesota tech jobs are going to be outsourced to a firm much like they did with Tata a few years ago. This makes some sense given a notice was not filed with the State of Minnesota.

If anyone has some info on this I gladly keep you anonymous => paul@mnheadhunter.com

This is another reminder that while tech pros are in demand companies will do what they need to do to keep shareholders happy.

UnitedHealth Group Adding 1,000 Jobs

Kathy Grayson at the Minneapolis / St Paul Business Journal picked this up last week UnitedHealth hiring 1,000 in Minnesota and notes that number does not included the 2,000 remote positions. Roles include:

  • Technology
  • Clinical
  • Business operations
  • Finance
  • Network management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Health care operations
  • Administrative professionals
  • Sales support

Click UnitedHealth Group Careers for more information.

CoCo expansion

A couple of months ago CoCo (coworking space in Downtown Minneapolis, Lowertown area of Downtown St Paul and the Uptown area of Minneapolis) announced an expansion of the Grain Exchange location in Downtown Minneapolis. They are adding 15,000 sq ft of space by taking the entire 4th floor of the south building.

I am a long time member and supporter of the community and have been spending a lot of time there this fall. The other day I snuck into the new space and took a couple of photos. Looks like the demo is done:

CoCo Minneapolis Expanding CoCo Minneapolis Expanding

I’m not a construction guy but I don’t think this is going to be ready in December like they announced. But when it is done, this is going to be great additional space and I look forward to seeing how the CoCo ecosystem continues to evolve.

Here is their announcement

COCO Significantly Expands Flagship Grain Exchange Location to Serve Growing Demand

In case you missed it

The past couple of days I posted new and .

And this post from last week… I’ll an update on the interview and dating story next week:

Conversation With A Java Developer… My Recruiter Contacted Me On Match, What Do I Do

What’s next

Last night I attended the Greater MSP Annual Meeting and today is the Tekne Awards. I will have photos and some thoughts on them later this week.


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