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Minnesota Morning | Countdown To 2017 And F*** Yes Or No

After spending 1/3 of the 2016 summer in the Alexandria, MN area until the holiday weekend I had not been up there in 2 months. Obviously gone are the warm summer days and the fall colors but the area lakes are still ice free. So first thing I did before seeing family was find a lake and sit on some rocks:

Lake L'Homme Dieu, #LakeLife 

The next day before Thanksgiving dinner I took a country road drive and while doing some thinking pulled over a few times to take a couple of photos:

Garfield Minnesota Oscar Lake, #LakeLife

Like most people 2017 was (is) on my mind and I have been thinking the past couple of weeks about what to add to my personal and professional life and what to take out. Things like volunteering, clients and types of work, friendships, writing, speaking and new projects (should I do them or not).

The conversation I had been having in my head (as it usually is) was all sorts of “grey”. What I mean is there are things I may want to do but am lukewarm about, things I have kind of been enjoying but not getting a lot out of and things I have been volunteering to do but killing the available time I have.

Then last week on Facebook I clicked a link I saw from “On This Day” a few years ago called “Fuck Yes Or No”. While an article on dating, sex and love the theme works for life in general.

And it changed the conversation in my head. It got me thinking about what I really want to be doing, with who and to what end.

It got me thinking about what really, really gets me going and that I need more of that. Enough of the “grey” stuff that is obviously not adding something to my professional or personal life.

Time to cut some things/activities/people out. And time to take on the “F*** Yes” stuff.

Back to the article… it may not be safe for work. There are a lot of F bombs in it. Like, A LOT. But I encourage you take a moment and read and think about what the “F*** Yes” are for you and how to go after them.

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