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Conversation With A Java Developer… My Recruiter Contacted Me On Match, What Do I Do


Last week I posted on Facebook and LinkedIn the following beginning of a conversation and received many funny comments:


  • Developer: So last week I submitted my resume to XYZ, Inc
  • Me: Uh huh
  • Dev: I have an interview next week
  • Me: Cool
  • Dev: Last night I get a message on Match, it's the Recruiter.
  • Me: Oh shit

(Recruiter has no idea this is the same guy)

Just when I think I have seen and heard it all in recruiting… at least this is a fun story.

After getting past my “oh shit” comment and us both laughing I got the back story:

  • He applied for a job at “BIG” company in town
  • Recruiter contacts him via email and because he had given a bunch of code samples they were going to skip a phone call and do a face to face interview
  • He immediately “lurked” online the names he was going to be meeting with: Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Dev 1 and Dev 2. So he found LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts and a couple of articles Dev 1 has been in

Simple right and what I suggest all my friends do.

My friend is on Match and he received a message from a woman. He could sort of see the photo on his iPhone but did not recognize her. He read the message, was curious and clicked the photo to see her profile.

He thinks she looks somewhat familiar but can’t remember. He reads the profile, is more intrigued and clicks on her photos.

The 4th photo is the same one the Recruiter has on her LinkedIn profile.

So he asked me what he should do:

  • I asked if he would ask her out forgetting the circumstances and before I finished asking the question he said… Yes, oh my gosh yes
  • I asked about the job and company he applied to and is he interested and he said yes. Not as quick as the previous answer but close #bwahahahaha
  • I told him to send her an email, be really transparent about things, tell her he would like to see her, ask if there is a way to get around all of this and be prepared for a horribly awkward answer.

Fortunately she responded within minutes. So the guy was not sweating for long. She was embarrassed about the situation and said that they should not go out.

My friend replies to me with a, “this sucks”.

I told him to take another shot at this and that whatever he would say had to not be creepy. My suggestion was that she hand him off to another recruiter and not tell anyone why. At least not now.

So he sent her a reply saying given how big “BIG” company is could someone else do his interview and if so, would she go out with him.

She replied back that she had already thought of it and given her embarrassment did not feel she should be his main contact.

And yes… she would go out with him.

They went out Friday night and again Sunday afternoon.

He sent me a text that the 1st round of interviews went well with a 2nd round already scheduled.

They are going out again Thursday.

So far… so good.

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