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Recruiting Tips: Why Recruiters Should Stop Posting Recruiting Content

Stop being boring

I have an observation to make and first a disclaimer… I am not suggesting you completely stop posting content from SourceCon, ERE, Recruiting Daily and the blogs you read. Are we clear on that? Good.

Here is what I am suggesting: let’s say you recruit Tech, Product, Digital and Data professionals in Minneapolis and St Paul and you only post content on the latest LinkedIn Boolean search thing, how to create a better employee referral program or how to create personas… do you think your candidates care about that stuff?

Sure we want to show that we are up to speed on our industry, I get that.

But does a DevOps Engineer, iOS Developer, Designer or SEO Specialist care about it and will they continue to pay attention? Not likely.

Worse… over time they are going to get bored and possibly leave you wasting the time and energy you used to find them.

So what should you do?

Post content that will appeal to those you are recruiting. Show that you get what they do. Prove that you are active in their world. Engage in the things they are thinking about.

So if you are recruiting in tech post tech related things.

If hiring marketing professionals post content that relates to them.

If you are recruiting in a city or region post things about the area.

Here’s the test… look at your last 20 Tweets and LinkedIn updates. Are they all recruiting or HR related?

The take away for this… add in to your normal routine a link to the upcoming tech event, the article about marketing salaries increasing and the latest regional jobs numbers. Provide content that those you are recruiting and networking with can use.

Frankly… stop being boring.

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AMEN, Paul!! Amen!!!

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