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Recruiting Tips: Show Your “Under Construction” Photos

I just had a long conversation with a Minneapolis startup CTO and we were talking about their upcoming expansion including an office move and build out. He was wondering if they should show off the move, new space and if so how often and in what form.

Of course my answer to him was yes they should. It shows momentum, growth and keeps friends and followers of the company engaged during what is usually a chaotic time.

He noted that a number of groups in Minneapolis have recently or are currently going through this and for the most part have been very quiet about it.

This is true and I did not surprise him when I said that being quiet about it has been a HUGE mistake for these groups. One group told me they have been “too busy” and another that they would “never show the messy part to it”.

My opinion… that’s just being lazy.

One of the easiest ways to show the success and growth of a company is to post “under construction” updates. I recommend taking a weekly photo and posting on company, senior leadership and if they want to… employee accounts. This can be on any/all of: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

A couple of Minneapolis groups have been posting video on Snapchat and Instagram creating a “story”. That’s a good step but those videos only stay up for 24 hours. That’s it. Then poof… they’re gone. Unless they are being downloaded and added to YouTube they are lost.

I don’t understand that. I do.. you get the point.

Post photos and video in places where it can be linked to and for people to be able to see the progress over time. And also for the company archive. I promise one day down the road you will wish you had posted this stuff.

I have two examples of how this can work and again content can be created/posted by a recruiter, CEO or anyone involved in the company. NOTE: investors, this includes you.

The following are a couple of screen shots from my recent “How to Recruit Like a Startup” presentation from my time at HomeSpotter (at the time Mobile Realty Apps). We were moving from one part of a building to another and we used updates to show the community we were growing and that we were hiring. Aaron Kardell, CEO, was very proactive in wanting to get the message out (click to enlarge):

HomeSpotter, Minneapolis Startup, Minnesota IT Jobs

HomeSpotter, Minneapolis Startup, Minnesota IT Jobs

Those are a few of many status updates over a number of weeks.

Another example is what SportsEngine did a couple of years ago. They created an extra page on their web site to document the whole process… beginning to end. This is the stuff people are looking for. Click SportsEngine Construction Blog

A couple of things to note:

  • This is not specific to a startup or tech company in the North Loop of Minneapolis. I would do the same kind of thing if you are building a new manufacturing facility in rural Minnesota or a “do over” of a current space at a Fortune 500 company.
  • More is better than less and something is better than nothing.

The take away for this… your company is growing, show it off. Yes you can wait until the end to post the shiny new office pictures but you have missed out on weeks/months of attracting people to your story.

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