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Minnesota Morning | MN IT Layoffs And Top 10 LinkedIn Skills

We’ve had an amazing fall in Minneapolis (some photos below from this weekend) and the forecast for this week is in the 60’s. Why I am talking about the weather to start this… anyone who was in Minneapolis 25 years ago today will remember the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. An epic storm that dropped 28.4 inches of snow over three days.

I was in college then and my fraternity had a Halloween party that I was not able to get to… I was not living near campus and by the time I started to make the drive it was too late. Roads were not drivable. I missed a 3 day party #BLEEP

MN IT Layoffs

There have been a number of IT layoffs in Minneapolis in 2016. While sensitive to those impacted, in a macro view I would call most of them “normal”. Most people found jobs within weeks and life continued on.

In the next days there is going to be a BIG announcement from a company that will impact 100’s of local tech pros. Most will be OK either landing in the new structure, applying for jobs already posted at the company or finding a new job at other companies. But this is going to get some headlines.

I have been reaching out to Minneapolis recruiter friends over the weekend and will be posting a few more jobs on my page.

This is a reminder to my MN IT tech friends and well… anywhere, that while in demand business conditions change. You need to keep your skill set up to date and have a network built.

Top 10 LinkedIn Skills

LinkedIn has released its annual and I am not surprised by any of the data. Here are the top skills in the United States (click to enlarge):

2016 Top LinkedIn Skills

They have a global list and lists for other countries. Here are their global trends which you can read more about by clicking the above link:

  • Demand for marketers is slowing
  • Data and cloud reign supreme
  • Show me, don’t tell me (visualizing data)
  • User interface design is the new black

Halloween weekend in Minneapolis

I mentioned above that Fall 2016 has been a good one and here are a few photos from the weekend…

Friday was a beautiful night:

Street view Friday night in Minneapolis Deck view Friday night in Minneapolis

Saturday was all about college football, cheering on the Gophers and getting some work done:

Gopher Football and Minnesota Headhunter

Then a late night out Saturday to celebrate Halloween with these photos between 3 am and 4 am. I like how quiet the city gets:

Downtown Minneapolis Halloween 2016 Downtown Minneapolis Halloween 2016


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