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Minnesota Morning… Exhale

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I am on day five of doing nothing and it feels really weird. One part freeing and one part W T H… I should be working my (bleep) off. One good thing is I don’t wake up exhausted any more. And I seem to be doing some big picture thinking which I guess makes sense when you are not running off to the next meeting, conference call or candidate interview.

Since I wrote Taking A Step Back, Skate Where The Puck Will Be And What’s Next For Me almost a month ago to the day a bunch of things have gone including (not in order):

Oh… and I have a new logo:

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Thinking about that post above… I wrote it as if that was what made the most sense for me to do next. That was the next step. It was logical.

But it wasn’t laser focused and wasn’t with full conviction.

With all the conversations the past month about recruiting, building teams, evangelism and advocacy, the tech scene here in Minneapolis, the Midwest and the Bay Area… I did some more “what do I want to do” and “what am I really good at” thinking.

Thankfully everything in that post above is still valid.

There is one difference… rather than this being a kind and gentle “next step” I have a tone of this is what I am really freaking good at, I know what I am doing and I want to find some groups who when they say they want to grow, to be a leader and be an employer of choice they mean it. To borrow a basketball term… they want to throw an elbow. They want to build a legit recruiting function and not just post jobs and get through the next month.

I know how to do it and gladly put myself up against anyone.

This means a couple of things… one is that I will have a stronger tone to things and two is that I will be carving out time to write and speak more. Both are things friends have been nudging me to do for a long time. To those I say “you were right and the next beverage is on me.”

For the next few days I am going to get caught up on posts for the above events and get the “Hire Me” page completed. This weekend watch the Gophers beat Iowa this weekend for Floyd of Rosedale.

Then next week is a big event with 500 leaders, peers and colleagues attending the Make It. MSP. Summit. I will be kicking off the “Attracting Tech Talent” breakout session.

Once that is done… time to get back to work.

So expect a bunch of blog posts and updates over the coming days.


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Sarah Moe

Glad you're not waking up exhausted anymore.... and good for you! Exciting stuff!

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