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Job Search Tips: Finding A 2016 Seasonal Retail Job

A quick post with some information following the announcement that Amazon is hiring 1,000 local seasonal workers:

And last months announcement that Target is hiring 70,000 across the U.S.:

Below is an interview I did with WCCO TV (Minneapolis CBS affiliate) and here are the talking notes I sent them ahead of time:

Kylie Bearse, Jason DeRusha, Paul DeBettignies, Findind A Seasonal Retail Job

General thoughts:

  • Start early, start now – Target in store interviews Oct 14-15 and can apply online now
  • Apply for a few jobs, do not go all in on one
  • While a temp job be serious about it
  • If you have a “hole” in your resume a seasonal job helps fill the gap
  • Be as flexible as possible with scheduling and know ahead of time what your schedule is

Know what you want, type of job:

  • Customer interaction
  • Overnight stocking
  • Distribution
  • If possible check out the place ahead of time, go during a busy time. Try to see them at their busiest most chaotic

Other jobs if you don’t want retail:

  • Think about who deals with retail like UPS, Amazon
  • Couriers
  • Office jobs
  • Tax firms start hiring now for tax season


What’s next:

  • Can you convert to FT



  • Articulate skills you have and if no retail experience… what translates to a retail job
  • Have documentation like Social Security card, passport and driver’s license
  • Business casual dress for interviews

I can elaborate more so if you have some questions leave them in the comments below.


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