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Conversation With An Android Developer… Let Your Recruiter Friends Know You Are Looking

I was at a Minneapolis tech user group a couple of weeks ago and was talking to a couple of developers about a particularly cool set of roles that were going to be opening up at a local tech company. A 3rd developer, someone I have had a couple of conversations with at tech events this year, was listening in and asking some questions about these and other jobs.

I asked them if they were looking. They said and this:

Why did it take so long for you to recruit me?

And I kind of froze.

I am not nearly as aggressive as most of my tech recruiter colleagues who assume that everyone is looking for a new job and everyone should be recruited. I rely on my reputation of being open, approachable and not the “annoying, creepy recruiter”. when they are curious and want to talk I am ready for them.

“Oh hey squirrel moment”…

This developer gave me a different perspective saying that they appreciate my approach but that it could come across to some that I don’t think they are good enough for the role I am looking to fill or client(s) I am working with.


That has never, ever crossed my mind and something I am going to write about in a future post.

Back to the conversation…

We spoke at length about what they are looking for in a role, company and culture. Turns out they have been interested in a number of things this year but never acted on them.

We got into the “why” of all that and let me fast forward to the end… if there is a job or company you are really curious about, go check it out. Don’t wait for someone to reach out to you.

Take away’s:

  • Find a few corporate and search firm recruiters you can build a relationship with
  • Don’t wait for someone to find you
  • Let people know you are looking (using a proper level of discretion)
  • Send your favorite tech recruiter an email

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