10 Minutes With Nels Pederson, Co Founder And Coordinator Of Twin Cities Startup Week And Startup Entrepreneur
Debate Night, Be Careful What You Post

10 Minutes With Nick Roseth, Tech Leader And Evangelist

I am very thankful for those who have been willing to take time to chat with me and this might be the one I have most looked forward to as I think this is a big moment for the Minnesota tech scene.

Nick Roseth has been working on a project called DocuMNtary and it debuts during Twin Cities Startup Week. We can’t seem to remember when we first met but have spent a good chunk of time together the past year on the Make It MSP regional tech hiring initiative, talking about DocuMNtary and sharing our thoughts on the Minneapolis tech and business scene.

One of our conversations we had 12 or whatever months ago included Nick asking me what I thought this project should look like and specifically how it could help recruiters. I gave a long rambling answer on the different things he could do.

Last week he gave me a sneak peek (and I should note I am a sponsor of the project and make a couple of brief appearances) and I sent him this text:

This… this is exactly what I was hoping for

Nick and his team nailed it.

I will post a link to the video here and likely do another blog post about how recruiters, hiring managers, CEO’s and others interested in promoting the Minnesota tech scene can use it.

Hey Nick… you are The Man.

And thank you for taking this on.

We spoke about:

  • Intro – why I am doing this
  • A little bit about why you
  • Tell me about yourself and how do people find you online
  • How it feels to get to this point a couple of days before the premier
  • Who helped Nick get this across the finish line
  • The premier and what the event will be like
  • What he had been seeing in the tech community
  • And why he decided to do this
  • Some of the who and how many interviews were done
  • Themes that came out of these conversations
  • We spoke about making this, the logistics involved and some failures along the way
  • What he would do different
  • Why it is important to share our story
  • What’s next… how do we continue to get the MN tech scene message out
  • What’s next for Nick

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