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10 Minutes with Shannon Pritchett, Editor of SourceCon, Sourcer And Speaker

10 Minutes With Casey Allen, Startup Advisor And Investor

Years ago… oh damn it’s already 10 years ago (click Ten Minutes With), I had an idea that I wanted to “interview” people who are smart, have cool ideas, are people I know (or are friends of friends) that my other friends should get to know. One part share ideas and one part introduce friends to friends.

Think hanging out at a coffee shop with a friend and being able to record the conversation. Because so many times I have walked away from such a conversation and thought, damn… I wish I had written “that thing” down.

I mentioned this to Casey Allen a couple of months ago and he said:

Great, when are you going to start doing this?

I said:


A couple of weeks went by and he asked again. And then a couple of weeks ago he asked again.

I was getting annoyed with him but angry with me for not doing it.

So I asked Casey if he would be willing to be the first one and he said yes.

Last night we had a chat and I hit record it is posted below.

Why call it “10 Minutes With”… I am infamous, notorious for saying to someone, “Hey do you have 10 minutes for a call?” And of course it is never 10 minutes. Sometimes as short as 30 minutes usually an hour and not unheard of for 2 hours to go by.

So “10 Minutes With” seems appropriate.

Why you should listen:

  • Casey has deep knowledge of the Minnesota startup and tech scene

What we talk about:

  • Casey’s conferences and events he is putting on and our thoughts on community
  • Twin Cities Startup Week and the Fly In Program
  • DocuMNtary and Nick Roseth
  • Minnesota tech scene: bull or bear
  • Recent startup acquisitions
  • An post about one day the Midwest having more startups than Silicon Valley
  • 5 years from now… where will be.

The audio and video are good enough… there are a couple of hiccups and do not want you thinking it is you or your connection. For a first try at this and with only hitting record and play I think it turned out well.

Here is the conversation and below are some links to check out:

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