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Minnesota Morning: Twin Cities Startup Week, Teen Hackathon And MN CTO Job

Minnesota Morning… Amazon Hiring In Minneapolis, 3M Hiring Millennials and #LakeLife

I am involved in a fierce battle right now and it is similar to the one I had a year ago… holding on to summer and #LakeLife as hard as I can for as long as I can and the reality that there’s A LOT going on in the tech community right now. Add in Twin Cities Startup Week and SourceCon in September and Gopher football starting in 17 days… it’s kind of over.

I’m not handling it well. Being a grown up sucks sometimes.

Recruiter jobs… if you missed it last week I posted 10 new (click) from companies including UnitedHeath Group, Medtronic and Amazon.

Amazon Minneapolis Splash

Speaking of Amazon… last week they hosted a few hundred guests to talk about their expansion into Minneapolis. The crowd was a mix of tech pros, Amazon recruiters and staff and a bunch of folks from the business community wondering what does it mean for them.

I have been consistent with my thoughts on Amazon coming to town… good. Sure it creates more recruiting pressure for everyone. For many years I have been saying that most Minneapolis companies have a week recruiting game. Time to figure out who is going to play and who is going to sit on the sidelines and complain.

It raises the tech profile of our town regionally and nationally and injects new ways of doing things. I gladly take that.

One frequently asked question was:

Will Amazon have the culture they have in Seattle or will it feel like Minneapolis… Midwest?

I clearly don’t know the answer to that but I look forward to watching it play out.


Big turnout for the Amazon Minneapolis Splash event #MNtech

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3M Hiring Millennials

If you are wondering or worse laughing when you think about how an “old school” company like 3M is attracting Millennials I have news for you… they’re kicking your ass.

Earlier this year the National Society of High School Scholars released their 2016 Millennial Career Survey Results of 13,000 students 15-32 years old and Google is no longer #1.

3M is #1.

Let me repeat that… 3M is #1.

This weekend the Minneapolis StarTribune has 3M, others figuring out what makes millennial workers tick. It’s a good read about how 3M is making itself a place Millennials want to be and let me say this now… this is not about the Millennials being needy. Everything 3M is doing is exactly what this 40 something worker wants too:

“Studying millennials has helped the company learn that they tend to want freedom, training and diverse leadership. But ultimately, ”they want to know they can make a difference. And here they can and do,” he said.

Garber, the sustainability manager, said her “favorite part of working at 3M [is that] no matter what you are working on, you can spend 15 percent of your time on something of your choosing that has a societal impact,” she said. She works with scientists from around the $30 billion behemoth who constantly have energy, water and timber saving ideas they want to implement. “That’s fun,” Garber said. “They are encouraged by management to spend their time that way.”


I have been fortunate to spend a number of long weekends out of the city this summer. Work has not suffered and I am clearly in a much more mellow mood. Fishing, loons calling and hearing waves slap the side of the boat are what calms me down… focuses me. Add in some loud music with the windows down while driving a country and I am a happy boy.

If you have not been following me on Instagram and Twitter you have missed out on a bunch of #LakeLife photos. ere are a few this weekend including my new Lake Life hoodie from the folks at 218 Home + Gift:


A very quiet evening #LakeLife #Summer

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Finally found a summer hoodie... #LakeLife

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Last night #mnsunsets #LakeLife #Summer

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