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Minnesota Morning… It’s Time

Minnesota Morning: What Do You Really Want?

I saw a tech friend of mine at Beta.MN this week I had not seen in person in many months. Sure Twitter, Instagram and Facebook keep us informed… keep us in touch sort of, but not really. Not in an important way.

After the usual handshake and “man hug” I said:

I am going to skip “How are you doing” because I think through your posts I have an idea. What I want to know is, “How are you really doing, what’s the no BS answer”

My friend had a blank stare, one of those you know they are someplace else kind of looks. And for a long while they told me how they were really doing… there is a lot going on. After listening, giving a little advice and helping them get some perspective on things they flipped the question on me:

I am going to skip “What do you want” and ask you “What do you really want, what’s the no BS answer”

They could tell from the advice I was giving that there was a tone in some of my voice… that I had some things on my mind too. Things you don’t notice on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook updates.

It didn’t take me 20 seconds to answer. I knew right away what the answer was. Their short and not so simple advice:

Sounds good. Go get it. It’s time.

The next day I took a drive to Alexandria where I am practicing work/life integration. I’ve never been good at “balance” but I am an All Star integrator. My integration agenda for these four days:

Sitting in a chair on the dock


Taking numerous country road drives

Creating a slide deck for the 2016 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute presentation Teresa Thompson and I are doing “Attracting and Keeping Top Talent – Keys to Recruitment, Engagement and Retention in a Tight Market”

Taking screen shots for an upcoming SourceCon webinar “Sourcing Technical Candidates When You’re Not in Silicon Valley

Sourcing QA, iOS, Android, FullStack and DevOps Engineers for When I Work

My additional agenda item… creating action items to “go get it.”

You can follow along this weekend… here a few photos so far and for some short video search mnheadhunter on Snapchat:


I may struggle with work/life balance... but I'm a freaking rockstar at work/life integration #MyOffice #StartupLife #LakeLife

A photo posted by Paul DeBettignies (@mnheadhunter) on


Full Moon rising and a train rolling down the tracks

A photo posted by Paul DeBettignies (@mnheadhunter) on


Spotted while driving two lane country roads #mnsunsets

A photo posted by Paul DeBettignies (@mnheadhunter) on


I am going to leave you with these questions and hopefully you have some time this weekend or the long holiday next weekend to think about them:

How are you really doing?

What do you really want?


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