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Minnesota Morning… It’s Time

“It’s Time” is a phrase I used a few years ago (I don’t do New Year’s resolutions) as a reminder of what I needed to be thinking about. This year I went with “Change the game… and the rules”.

It’s time to do that.

The past few months with trips to Orlando and Dallas/Fort Worth and events likes SourceCon, Enterprise Rising, Midwest Capital Call, Midwest PHP, Dallas Startup Week, MinneBar and Hack the Gap… I’ve been a part of a couple hundred plus local, regional and national conversations on the topics of recruiting and retention from Startups to the Fortune 500.

I am going to be blunt about my main conclusion… at some point and I don’t know when many (most) people (particularly the “cool kids”, speakers and wannabe online experts) have gone bat shit crazy.

Maybe its because:

- the election cycle where everyone seems a bit nuts

- the social media hype machine many of us live/work in

- many are trying to “out do” the other person.

- the game many play with themselves about how many “likes” they can have on a photo, Tweet or post

- the pressure to produce

- the pressure to stay “cutting edge”

- their trying to make things look easy

- their trying to be “famous” or the next great keynote speaker

Recruiting is hard enough. It’s messy on the best of days without having to worry about all that stuff.

And for the record: no, job boards are not dead… no, SnapChat is not going to revolutionize the recruiting world… no, you do not have to outsource recruiting content creation… no, not every startup is a good place to work.

My challenge to you: get back to basics (also a phrase from a few years ago).

Tomorrow I am co presenting at the 2016 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute with Teresa Thompson (my wicked smart, cool and funny attorney and friend) on “Attracting and Keeping Top Talent – Keys to Recruitment, Engagement and Retention in a Tight Market”.

We are going to show a large room of attorneys how recruiters (me specifically) are recruiting and the tools being used. We are going to talk about candidate attraction and employee retention. And along the way we are going to give legal insights on how what we do the way we do it may cause a corporate or firm attorney some indigestion.

It’s going to be a very direct, non fluffy talk. And fun too. I am 50/50 if Teresa or I swear first.

Also this week I am going to announce a “save the date(s)” for this summer’s Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp. This is going to be nuts and bolts, blocking and tackling kind of recruiter training. At this event we are not going to talk about trends nor 35,000 foot level conversations about why to do something. We have enough of those events. This event is going to be a very specific “how to” on recruiting from folks who do it every day.

I am going to let the “cool kids” do their “cutting edge” thing. Meanwhile I am all about:

It’s Time

Back to Basics

Change the game… and the rules

On a lighter note…

I took this photo this morning at 5 am as I was taking a walk in Downtown Minneapolis:

Sunrise in Downtown Minneapolis

It was a beautiful morning after an equally beautiful weekend including this Full Moon shot from Saturday night at the lake:

Full Moon Over a Minnesota Lake

You can see more #LakeLife photos by clicking @MNHeadhunter


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Rachel Ryan

First off, I just would like to give you a REALLY high high-five on this one. Nothing is "cutting edge," really. I do believe it's just another term for those involved to ask themselves, "how much 'entertainment' or 'what's in it for me' value can we provide and how long will others toot our horn for us for?" If something you're working on is good, people will notice and you instantly have organic PR.
I read something about "cutting-edge wine" on Twitter and I stopped to think for a second: How are WINE be cutting edge???
Terms are getting thrown around and it's becoming unattractive and messy. If you can't trace where the traffic is coming from (who IS your audience), what IS it that you're doing daily to "win?"
I also used to be focused on the "LIKES" way too much and I've been doing it wrong for so long. If you brand yourself a certain way, and you work hard at that every single day and educate yourself on the subject matter, what happens when people see you in public? They ask you about that very thing if it's the one common subject matter they have with you. The commonality HAS to be there.
Everything you've said here...I completely agree with.


Not going to lie, I was looking forward to a post about how Snapchat is the future of recruiting millenials. I mean, that flower crown filter is legit.

Can you please write one anyway?

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