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Minnesota Morning… It’s Time

“It’s Time” is a phrase I used a few years ago (I don’t do New Year’s resolutions) as a reminder of what I needed to be thinking about. This year I went with “Change the game… and the rules”.

It’s time to do that.

The past few months with trips to Orlando and Dallas/Fort Worth and events likes SourceCon, Enterprise Rising, Midwest Capital Call, Midwest PHP, Dallas Startup Week, MinneBar and Hack the Gap… I’ve been a part of a couple hundred plus local, regional and national conversations on the topics of recruiting and retention from Startups to the Fortune 500.

I am going to be blunt about my main conclusion… at some point and I don’t know when many (most) people (particularly the “cool kids”, speakers and wannabe online experts) have gone bat shit crazy.

Maybe its because:

- the election cycle where everyone seems a bit nuts

- the social media hype machine many of us live/work in

- many are trying to “out do” the other person.

- the game many play with themselves about how many “likes” they can have on a photo, Tweet or post

- the pressure to produce

- the pressure to stay “cutting edge”

- their trying to make things look easy

- their trying to be “famous” or the next great keynote speaker

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Minnesota Morning: What Do You Really Want?

I saw a tech friend of mine at Beta.MN this week I had not seen in person in many months. Sure Twitter, Instagram and Facebook keep us informed… keep us in touch sort of, but not really. Not in an important way.

After the usual handshake and “man hug” I said:

I am going to skip “How are you doing” because I think through your posts I have an idea. What I want to know is, “How are you really doing, what’s the no BS answer”

My friend had a blank stare, one of those you know they are someplace else kind of looks. And for a long while they told me how they were really doing… there is a lot going on. After listening, giving a little advice and helping them get some perspective on things they flipped the question on me:

I am going to skip “What do you want” and ask you “What do you really want, what’s the no BS answer”

They could tell from the advice I was giving that there was a tone in some of my voice… that I had some things on my mind too. Things you don’t notice on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook updates.

It didn’t take me 20 seconds to answer. I knew right away what the answer was. Their short and not so simple advice:

Sounds good. Go get it. It’s time.

The next day I took a drive to Alexandria where I am practicing work/life integration. I’ve never been good at “balance” but I am an All Star integrator. My integration agenda for these four days:

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