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Recap: Sourcecon Fall 2015 Dallas

Yesterday I was on a flight a day early to Sourcecon Spring 2016 in Orlando and realized I never wrote about Sourcecon Fall 2015 in Dallas. Before I recap Dallas I am going to give some advice to those who are attending Sourcecon for the first time including a number of friends and colleagues from Minnesota.

DO NOT sit next to your coworkers… you see them every day. Sit next to, have dinner with and go to Happy Hour with people you do not know

DO follow along with #Sourcecon on Twitter

JOIN the Sourcecon Group On Facebook

DO say hey to those LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram friends you have not met in real life

DO NOT do the day job while at the event. You or your company spent a lot of $$$... soak it all in

DO have conversations like, “This is what I am doing to find (fill in the blank) how do you do it?” Peer sharing is easy at this event

DO ask “that question” during a session you are dying to ask but are too afraid to

DO have a good time

DO NOT have too a good a time :)

DO drink lots of water and have some ibuprofren handy. Not for the hangover but to keep your mind in the game

Last one… stay in touch with those you meet. Connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter and find on Instagram.

You can do that with me by clicking:

LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat (I am mnheadhunter)

And if you are going to Orlando, I am already poolside through the afternoon and evening… I’ll be the guy alternating between taking a nap in a lounge chair and sourcing VP Engineers and CTO’s.

Stop by and say hello.

OK now to recap the Sourcecon Dallas 2015 event…

2015-09-23 13.15.52

Like this trip I was able to get to Dallas early. I stayed with friends and experienced some Texas BBQ, caught a couple sunsets and attended a couple of tech user groups getting some recruiting in for When I Work. We will hire remote engineers.

Texas BBQ Texas BBQ

2015-09-14 19.29.57 2015-09-14 19.32.24 2015-09-15 19.24.11

I made my way to the hotel Wednesday afternoon and some of us gathered in the bar where after nearly a decade of following each other and numerous phone calls… I finally met Steve Levy:

Paul DeBettignies and Steve Levy

Then off to a Happy Hour organized by some of our Dallas colleagues:

Paul DeBettignies, Shannon Pritchett, Katrina Collier, Jim Durbin, Jennifer Davis

It was good to reunite with old friends like Jim Durbin, Shannon Pritchett.

I exchanged hugs and handshakes for the first time with a bunch of online friends including Katrina Collier, Jennifer Davis, Pete Radloff, Allison Kruse, Will Thomson and more.

Also very good to see my Minnesota native now Dallas living friend Krista Cavanaugh-Szlaius:

Paul DeBettignies, Krista Cavanaugh-Szlaius 

Thursday morning started with me catching up with my ERE event organizing friends. I had not seen them since they were in Minneapolis at an event I helped put on at Best Buy HQ’s in 2010.

And I finally met Jeremy Roberts who is the ring leader of the Sourcecon event… how did we not get a photo???

I then made sure to find a table with a power strip so I could stay charged up during the sessions #Nerds:


This is how the room looked as we got started and yes… this is a big event:

Sourcecon Sourcecon

I only took a few photos during the sessions of the speakers as I was busy taking notes. I did get this of the opening panel and then Shannon Pritchett:

Sourcecon Shannon Pritchett

I have 40+ photos that look like this:

Shannon Pritchett at Sourcecon

At the end of Day 1 there was a reception and then Happy Hour at The House of Blues. I have a few photos but will keep those to myself :)

Then back to the hotel for a late night nerd session with folks who were eager to learn a little more. Yes we were getting our learn on at midnight:

Sourcecon After Dark

Friday morning was some cool small group learning:


A couple of more sessions and then Dean Da Costa kicked our butt with all of his extensions he has:

Dean Da Costa

Some more photos with friends:

Shannon Pritchett, Amybeth Quinn, Derek Driver, Chris Hoyt

And one more:

Paul DeBettignies at Sourcecon

Then back to Minneapolis:

Minneapolis, Minnesota

And home to rest my weary brain:

North Loop, Minneapolis

So that’s a Sourcecon… my first.

I got out if what I had hoped to and now at my second know a bit better what to expect. If you are a newbie and are looking for someone to sit with during session I gladly save a seat for you.


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